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  • 70. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Cool story bro....

  • 71. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    ok, point taken...


    Basically every video could be misleading, meaning the owner of 'said' video is shady. So if every video is misleading, then EVERYONE IS SHADY!!! Except for Slim Shady, he's the legit 'Real' Slim Shady, so everyone please stay seated except for the Slim Dog Shady. lol


    I'm sure this kid has mutiple MOAB's in his file share ranging from FFA, TDM, KC, etc... I'm going to keep an eye out for another vid of MOAb's because I believe in America that he will not quit, and he will not stop, and he will not hault! I also believe that in America being redundent is the way of life!




    *Note: I probably don't make sense right now.

  • 72. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I've had around 6 legit Moabs, all during FFA. Gotta admit it was while playing really defensively, patrolling small areas and soundwhoring like a ***** haha.


    Theres been plenty of times where i'd gone 30-0 and might have got a moab if my heli or predetors hadn't got more then a few kills for me

  • 73. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    there's nothing wrong with Soundwhoring like a b***h. lol I personally love to sniper ****.


    You know you just answered 43% of a question I was about to ask...


    First- Are you a psychic?


    Second- When achieving your MOAB climax, they must be kills from your own weapon and not from your heli or preds right?


    Third- Why have I seen other players from recent games getting a 2nd MOAB right after they've gotten their 1st MOAB? (*note: After the 1st MOAB, the 2nd MOAB comes after 4-6 kills after without dying of course.)



    I apologize if I have burdened you with this answering task, but if you cannot help then I will seek another psychic.

  • 74. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    K am i allowed to answer these ? Haha


    To answer 2 .. You can only get kills from weapons, no killstreaks unless you use specialist


    To answer 3. There is a way once your at your 23rd kill in a row, get 2 assissts and that counts as a kill ( hardlinepro) then another kill after that will reward you with a second moab, that is the only thing i can think of, never seen it happen but heard about it being possible.. Hope this helped

  • 75. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    Not the best player but im honest.


    FFA underground the last kill i achieved was my moab, so i got it, just couldnt call it in >:/ frusteration


    Domination Arkaden i was running around like mad, managed a 23 streak, some assissts and captures to heighten the streak , got killed by B by dead mans nuk from around a corner RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE haha.


    That is all :p

  • 76. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    No highest was 16. Will never get moab.

  • 77. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    18 with  66 killstreak. 87-0 one game on lockdown

  • 78. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I managed one on Lockdown (Domination) with the .50 Cal, it was pure luck to be honest.


    Using the .50 w/varible zoom & sliencer, Scorpion for backup I believe and the Specialist perks.


    Best round I ever had, probably never happen again. I setup around B (we controlled C & B) and the other team kept coming from A, looked like a convayer belt of kills. The hard part was putting scavanger to use and resupplying ammo.

  • 79. Re: Has anyone got a genuine MOAB?

    I am proud to say that have never been MOAB'd.  I have never reached a MOAB but I have been in many games where my team mates got one.

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