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  • 10. Re: AA-12 Drum mag

    The aa-12 won't ever be anything like teh Striker. Even in MW2, when the AA-12 was beast, it was different. Striker is about spamming high powered death, whereas the AA12 is more about weaker bullet spam. To be honest, I wouldn't even mind if the Striker was axed because the AA-12 is more suited and is far more balanced since it would have a decent capacity, high RoF and low damage whereas the Striker has high capacity, high damage and a pretty good RoF. Dear God I miss the MW2 AA-12...

  • 11. Re: AA-12 Drum mag

    Honestly, after the patch, the AA12 isn't unuseable, hardly, but it requires closer distance and more shots, making it more frustrating and causing me to die when I shouldn't. This could be solved with one or both these: more ammo, and a drum mag. The extra ammo could free a slot in the Tier 1 and the drum mag would decrease the need to reload as frequently, and hopefully eliminate the need for slieght of hand.


    This is coming from someone who has over 25'000 kills (out of 35'000) with the AA12. I can tell that it's not as good as it was a week ago, due to the glitch being patched and the lag comp. So to help us AA12 users, give us more ammo, and maybe a drum mag too for good measure please

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    WHAT? It's weaker than before? Dear Lord, I remember it pre-patch, I think I'll just steer clear of that for now then O_O

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    It was pretty horrible early on without range or damage (personally I prefer range) but with those it was amazing in the right hands. As of right now, I get more hit markers from both far away near the edge of it's effective range and even at point blank, which caused me to use damage for a bit until I couldn't get the people who were beyond 15ft. Whether you're using range or damage the gun runs out of ammo too quickly

  • 14. Re: AA-12 Drum mag

    If it's going to stay as weak as it already is then I would definitely like to see this.

  • 15. Re: AA-12 balance

    Yeah exactly I don't want it to get a damage or range buff, because it doesn't NEED it.




    In my experienced opinion, running out of ammo and having to reload is the AA-12's biggest draw back. Even with sleight of hand and all the ammo you could want, its low damage, short range and small mag capacity make it hard to fend off multiple attackers because it drains the 12 round mag too quickly. I spend as much, if not more, time reloading as I do shooting and killing.


    So firstly, it does NEED more ammo, and as a compliment to the increased ammo you can have, a deeper/bigger magazine would be very appreciated.

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    Yea I hated this gun in mw2 so overpowered but I think it should just have more starting ammo but keep the same mag because itll probably go back to be the only shotgun used

  • 17. Re: AA-12 balance

    Thanks for your reply, but I have to disagree, I think it is firmly established that the most used and overpowered shotguns in mw2 were the dual 1887's and the Spas 12, even as a primary they would be borderline cheap.


    The AA-12 drains the mag too fast. As a fix, it should have a bigger magazine and more starting ammo. I'm not saying it should have buffed damage or range, it would be nice but then it becomes another stryker.


    Even though it has a relatively fast reload (espcially with SoH) its low damage and short range mean you have to pour a volley of lead into someone to kill him. This means you expend a lot of ammo and have to reload frequently, so giving the AA-12 more ammo and a deeper mag should solve this problem and help balance it with the other guns, at very least the other shotguns.

  • 18. Re: AA-12 balance

    I want this thread to get more attention, because I'm optimistic that if enough people see this and agree with my plea, the AA-12 could get the changes I've listed.


    I'm positive that all the AA-12 really needs is just ammo and a bigger mag, don't touch its performance because with the Range prof. perk it does just fine in the right hands, I'm just tired of having to reload so much and needing to use Scavenger.

  • 19. Re: AA-12 balance

    All this suggestions are great, i personally feel it should have 20-15 damage again as 15-5 means you usually need 3 shots up close and 5-6 at the edge of its range. But lets be honest, do you honestly think they will change the aa-12's ammo count? Because as far as I remember, they have never ever changed the ammo of any gun. Besides, the description of the aa-12 is "Fully Automatic, Low Ammo". Even though I am a fan of the aa-12 (got it gold ) I don't see anything happening to the ammo count.

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