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  • 30. Re: AA-12 balance

    The Scar - L with extended mags has:


    45 rounds in the mag and 180 on the side.


    5 mags total, 4 on the side and 1 in the gun (without Scavenger Pro)


    With Scavenger Pro you get an extra 90 bullets, thats 2 more mags giving you 45/270. 6 mags or 7 including the one in the gun. Bare in mind each of these magazines has 45 bullets in them


    The Scar only needs 3 bullets within its effective range to kill. You could also put a suppressor on the Scar without hindering the performance too much, not the case for the AA-12.


    So why should the AA-12, a gun with an inferior range and damage, even when compared to other shotguns, have less starting ammo and a smaller mag capacity? Especially when you factor in the high rate of fire which burns through ammo very fast.


    It should have more ammo and big mag (20 round drum) to compensate for its range and damage deficiency.


    The AA-12 is no doubt the worst among the shotguns/other weapons in terms of range, damage, starting ammo and mag size considering it's ROF.


    Something needs to be done. I think more starting ammo and a drum mag would be enough to balance it out, but if that can't be obliged then as others have requested and suggested, increase the damage please.

  • 31. Re: AA-12 balance

    I'm aware of the fact that my issue with the AA-12's ammo/mag capacity isn't as big of a deal  as say the FMG's or something like that. However, the AA-12 has a rather significant defect and while it doesn't impact as much people as other issues, it shouldn't go overlooked or unchecked. Why should the AA-12 remain the inferior shotgun, maybe the worst primary in the game? It may not be as serious as other problems but it's not fair to ignore or dismiss our complaint.


    Nerfing the akimbo fmg's would actually help make the AA-12 and other shotguns more pleasant to use, I can't confirm the other shotguns, but the AA-12 is outranged (even with the range prof. perk) by the fmg 9's. I think thats atrocious because the AA-12 is a primary, and the fmg's are not.


    I'm sorry if I'm coming off as needy, mean, snotty, rude or anything like that, its just that its late, I don't feel good and I feel like my preferred choice of weapon got shafted, whether other people think so or not.


    Again my sincerest apologies, I'm trying my hardest to be passive and intelligent in my petition to get the AA-12 buffed in some way.

  • 32. Re: AA-12 improvement petition

    I hope I've made my issue more clear as I've updated the thread every now and then and that it's easier to read and see what the problem is from my stand-point.


    I'm doing my best to be as patient and mature as I can, and I'm once again sorry if I'm not.

  • 33. Re: AA-12 improvement petition

    Oh and to all who've already posted on this thread and given their feedback and support of the issue, I can't thank you enough for your help and contribution to my effort in making the AA-12 a more formidable weapon.


    I hope people continue to post here and show their support so that we just may get heard.

  • 34. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    I have to agree as well.  Although I can still perform well with it, I notice how often it takes around 4-5 shells just to kill someone.  And if that person is beyond 10 feet, there's no reason to bother firing (even with the Range proficiency).


    Also, only having 16 Shells (24 extended) isn't exactly fair.  Total ammunition should be 3 mags (24 shells; 36 shells extended).




  • 35. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Thank you for posting and sharing your input! Also thank you for your support of this thread because I'm sure a forum vet like you has a lot of influence and it'd be nice to be heard by the developers.


    I too can perform very well with the AA-12, but I would greatly appreciate more ammo and a bigger "extended" magazine. I wouldn't mind a range buff or aim spread reduction because I think the AA-12 needs it but I feel like that would quickly turn it into the striker except with a full auto rate of fire. I don't want that, I just want to eliminate the perils of using the AA-12 regarding ammo and reloading.


    If IW increased the starting ammo and gave us a drum mag it would still have its rather poor range and relatively poor damage except you could be liberal with your shots and using Scavenger and SoH wouldn't be as important as it is now.


    This is how my AA-12 class looks


    Gun: AA-12 (with Range and extended mags)

    Secondary: Stinger


    Tier 1 perk: Scavenger

    Tier 2 perk: Hardline (or BS to counter DMH)
    Tier 3 perk: Steady Aim

    Strike Package: Specialist - 2 kills: SoH, 4 kills: Extreme Conditioning, 6 kills: Blind Eye


    Now bear in mind this is what I usually run, it has given me 16 MOAB's and a 2.45 k/d with the AA-12, but that was before the Title update, and lately, after that patch, I've been struggling to improve. I've stagnated, hit the wall and it's annoying as hell. I might be stuck if something isn't changed because the gun is still inferior regardless of how good I may be


    This is what I'd like to have (assuming they granted my wish)


    Gun: AA-12 (with Range and drum mag)

    Secondary: Stinger


    Tier 1 perk: Extreme Conditioning
    Tier 2 perk: Hardline

    Tier 3 perk: Steady Aim


    Strike Package: Specialist - 2 kills: Assassin, 4 kills: Blind Eye, 6 kills: Scavenger


    If they went on further and reduced the spread you wouldn't really NEED Steady Aim and if they increased the base Range/Damage you might be able to use a suppressor. But again that may be too much.




    I feel there are two different things IW can do to buff and thus balance the AA-12, which would be:


    - To increase the starting ammo and give it a drum mag (for the "extended mags" attachment)






    - Increase the range/damage, reduce the pellet spread or decrease the damage drop off



    The latter options are more direct and could cause an imbalance because the statistics of weapons are finicky and its not implausible that they screw up and go overboard.


    A rather indirect way to increase the AA-12's effectiveness would be to nerf the Akimbo FMG's as they currently beat the AA-12 at all ranges, unacceptable considering the AA-12 is a primary and the FMG's are secondaries.

  • 36. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Please by all means, if you think there is a better way to balance the AA-12 then do share, I'll try my best to get this thread noticed so that the AA-12 can be on-par with other guns, at very least other shotguns.

  • 37. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    The two guns that were not buffed in the game were the Striker and the AA12. Now, there is no reason to even bother with it.


    Low ammo.

    Low damage.

    Low range.


    Just a high firerate to compensate. Logic!

  • 38. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    They shouldn't only buff the aa-12, they should also buff the spas-12! The spas also suffered because of the removal of the ext. mags glitch. It is now very inconsistent up close!

  • 39. Re: AA-12 Drum mag

    It's funny how people will call the Striker a Noob weapon. You call the Striker whatever you want buddy. Just remember, It's a shot gun. If you are dumb enough to let someone kill you with a shot gun, that's your problem. We just don't want to hear people cry about it. Unless it's immediately after a game.. I am a level ten prestige on MW3 and I have a golden Striker. I haven't heard anyone call me a noob for using it. O' Let me use whatever guns you would like me to use. After all you bought MW3 for me and all. It's people like you that causes NERFing of weapons, 9blackguys. Quit crying. If you want the AA-12 to become a BEAST? You get the AA-12 weapon rank up to a level 28. Range and Extended Mags plus a pair up with Scavenger PRO and you will have an excellent weapon. I really get tiered of people crying about a game that is great.

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