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how bad is this gm

this is by far so bad that i almost throw my controller everytime i play. end up just rage quitting. y is it so bad. i put in blops to see if its me and i absolutley raped. couple of 33 and 2 games of tdm.


this gm has officially become so bad that its unplayable. its absolutely, without a doubt made for bad/terrible/camping players. i think i can name 15 things wrong with this game. lets see: just off the top of my head

1 connection  = always behind enemy

2 spawns = self explanatory

3 quick scopers= funny that u can run around with a sniper

4 visability = so hard to see enemies even standing next to them

5 luck factor= throw a nade, miraculously lands next to u... no matter how u throw it.

6 flash bangs= throw them 30 ft away u still get stunned...throw them in front of enemy they r flashed for 1/2 a sec. i get flashed for feels like 5 secs

7 akimbos = spray and **** everyone, any distance

8 hip fire = spray anywhere and get hit markers

9 shot guns = get raped from 30 feet away(esp striker) sometimes 5 bullets to kill with it
10 death streaks= get rewarded for dying. ( makes so much sense)

11support  = see death streaks

12 head glitches = barely see an enemies helmet while he ***** u

13 car bombs = walk by a car and have it explode

14 barrell = see car bomb

15 rush knife = dont need to explain.


this list can go on and on and on but i dont have time.  its so bad. ive just about had as much frustration that i can take. on to craigslist to get some money back for this awful game.

patches wont help they just make u think they actually do something .

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    I placed a rage post sort of like this one a while back. Said I was gonna trade it in etc but never did.


    Really the only problem I have is the lag issue, or as you say, connection issue.


    I feel that the game on it's own is pretty solid and I never really had any reasonable complaints about that.


    I guess the elite thing for ps player is also pretty bad too but that is not gameplay related.


    Sounds to me like your just having a lot of bad luck. When luck aint going my way I sometimes switch over to the survivor section, blast a bunch of a.i enemies, feel better, go back to multiplayer.

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      the host lag in this game is a joke... 90% of games i end up being the host.. being host just means die a lot with really bad hot detection.. thats if you can hit the enemy.. half the time your instakilled.. perhaps theres a perk m/c i didnt know about that does this for ya..


      sort the lag out and the game will be ok..


      name me 1 player on a very fast ADSL connection in the uk that likes being host.. ?

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    I'm 80/10 on MW3 and I agree with all of the OP points and have written about a few of them myself, this game is a joke and doesn't allow for a consistent level of enjoyment due to all the issues in the OP, sometimes you see less of them but you know in anyone session you're going to get ***** slapped by a few of them.


    If these things were fixable then they would have by now (3 months into it) or wouldn't be there in the first place. MW3 will go down as the worst in the series until we see the next version..


    I can't stand seeing Activision CEO on CNBC saying what a success it's been, I hope people leave this series in droves and it's a wake up call to them that they are shitting on their customer from a great height.

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    The only thing I've had the most is the panic knifing, it can ruin a good killstreak. I preferred the knifing in CoD: WaW; because it took that bit longer to knife someone, so you would get gunned down if you tried to stab (for me at least).


    I don't mind knifing, but if they made it not so instantaneous it would be better (0.5 - 1 sec?).

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    To: killerthez > You have every right to come here and spew your lame thread and sound completely moronic. This is my problem though:


    Little t-u-rds who complain so damn much because things don't go your way feel almost obligated to detail their personal "hell" to the world as if they need someone else's acknowledgement to feel better. I do not care, the next person does not care! IF you want to sell the game than simply shut up and do so.


    Another point about these types of threads on a game that is good, anyone who has $60.00 dollars to dish out for this game or any given PS3 has probably more money than 50% or more of most developing countries, I can't imagine what most poor people will do with 60.00. The majority of these whinny good for nothings feel that they are God's gift to gaming and have self diluted themselves in believing that this game has to be what they want it to be. 


    I hate to say that these idiotic threads are only going to ruin the game and this forum!

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      i hate to say it but you ^^^ sir are the moron. i never said i was gods gift but pointing out the terrible issues with this game and seeing if it is just me or if people agree with me. so if u wanna talk about poor countries or whatever point your trying to make get off this thread and make your own u tarddddd.

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        Have you never realized for minute that the game will never be perfect? That you will always probably find an issue with what ever game your greedy selfish hands will fall on? And yes, you sound like a self absorbed d-ouche. Just sell the game be quiet and go complain somewhere else. Oh and the poor countries comment completely threw you of didn't it?

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    everybody who doesnt suffer from Very Bad LAG wont know what the hell we are talking about.. most of us have poored our money towards ACTIVISION/IW/TREYARC over a few years now so we should all be experienced COD players pretty much up to a simular standard.. and yet it makes me laugh when you get some players come on here saying how bad we are because they think the game is great... why would so many players complain if this game was great... the LAG issue and the inferior version of MW3 compared to Xbox is what most of us are complaining about but if you can see that then dont flame our post's.. whats the point..? your making yourself look stupid... !!!

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    The game is bad, but what is worse is the expectations and how shallow they have been met, from vague promises ("no more revenge spawns"), to broken initiatives (ELITE premium), intended absurdities (deathstreaks, quickscoping), dilution (lag compensation, random spawns, support package), and of course the whole DLC promotion (one of the most disgusting cases of denial, misleading and unbalanced information release I have experienced on this massive scale).




    COD4:MW - Wow, what a fanastic game!

    COD:WAW - Much thought and effort into advancing the series, some people say not as good, I say the most satisfying and balanced there is

    COD:MW2 - add noontubes, QS, "lunge", overloaded skies, akimbo-anythings and insta-deaths, Modern Warfare for the Masses, Magnificence for no-one.

    COD:BO - Redeemed by removing all the garbage from MW2 and continued WAW's awesome balancing BUT added lag and disconnection and poor matchmaking and hit detection and freezes and...

    COD:MW3 - the worst of the 3 above and little from the 2 above those.


    What next?


    Saved by Treyarch, more decline or something inbetween?

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    Or you guys are just bad at this game so you have to come up with any excuse in the books as to why you cant have a positive kd during games. The only problem with this game is the shotguns thats it. One of the best cod games out there

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      It seems sir no one is biting your bait. Oh, and shotguns in general are not a problem.

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        I didnt put any bait out there but ok? i guess? The thing thats wrong with the shotguns is the shooting distance that they have

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          Good!, for a minute there I thought you suggested that gamers were just bad at this game and therefore they come up with any excuse in the books as to why they might not have a positive KDR.


          Hell, for a minute there I thought you said that the only problem with this game was the shotguns.


          Glad we got that straightened out.

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            oh ok?? Just becasue you are not doing as good as you want in this game you have to attack me. You dumb or something kid? huh huh huh huhuhuhuhuh you dumb huh.

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              Now you feel that I am attacking you? No, I am not, but I am pointing out that where you suggest that a bad gamer comes up with "any excuse in the book" for a less then average KDR when it comes to this game might be considered a troll remark.


              As far as your remarks like "dumb" or "dumb kid" simply shows me that you probably are and cant really think of anything positive to say.

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      I have had the best games on MW3 that any other COD ...  Still do ... Best KDR by far ...  Yea, there are issues , but pretty much the same for all the COD's ....

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    The game has a lot of major flaws. OP listed most of them. The worst beling the lag for good connection speeds. Anyone that says this game is good must have some backwoods hillbilly dial-up internet.

    The game is fixable, but it is taking way to long. These threads are so frequent because ppl are losing patience and rightly so. I say give the whole franchise to Treyarch they can make a good game for the most part.

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    i know this is a public forum but why do people like frenchy20 post at all in this thread.. we are disucussing what is bad for us to see if there are simularitys and frenchy(age)20(months) comes in to let us all know how good his/her connection is..


    well thats brilliant for you french..really great..


    Anyway moving on..


    If the lag issue's are not fixed soon, how can IW expect anybody who doesnt have the premium version of elite to even contemplate buying the DLC..? why would we.. if the LAG continue's half the CORE players will be gone very quickly..


    i also think another problem is there isnt any other gaming franchise that can compete at the moment..

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      Does it make you feel like more of a man to try to trash talk on a forum? And im pretty sure anyone with some common sense would realize it is phyically impossible for a 20 month old to be posting on this forum about some thing haha. And did i say anything about my connection? no I didnt. And you obviously take everything serious when im trying to have a little fun there sport