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  • 40. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Yeah extactly, thats why I added a 'base damage buff' to the list of things I would like to see in a patch/update for the AA-12.


    However I want it to to be slight, like 10 - 15%, and not as drastic of an improvement as the extended mags glitch (50%) or the "Damage Prof. Perk" (40%) just something to help make it competetive in close range since, in my opinion, with the Range Prof. Perk it is just fine at range, its very balanced and registers conistent kills.


    I can't comment on the Spas 12, but I believe if you say its difficult to use since the update.

  • 41. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Yeah I know it's dumb, it should have:


    High ammo


    High cap. mag


    Medium damage (about 1/2 as much of an increase as the extended mags glitch did, so more than it does now, but less damage than it did before the patch)


    Short/Medium range (it's range initially should suck to keep it balanced, but with the "Range" perk it should have up to medium 'range')


    If they keep the ammo and mag capacities the same, then they need to add in a major (40-50%) increase in damage, just like it was before the patch. The AA-12 before the patch was honestly really good in the right hands. Since then though, it needs something, I've offered more ammo and a bigger mag, along with a SLIGHT (10-20%) damage increase to hopefully make it more consistent in close range.

  • 42. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Stop holding the trigger down and firing the whole mag then.


    Fire it in 2-3 shell bursts. You don't need all of the shots in the mag to kill someone.

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    Of course you don't need all the shots in the mag, but when you factor  in range and latency it's not uncommon to shoot 3-4 times and kill your  assailant in just 2-3 shots. The problem with trying to pre-determine how many times you need to shoot someone to kill them, is that if you do shoot 2-3 times and someone doesn't die, you may get killed caught trying to instinctively reload. Even if you do kill them you will probably reload anyway, leaving you open. I used to do that (shoot a pre-determined amount of times) but it just didn't work out for me. If we had more ammo (say 20 rounds) you could kill up to 5 people before feeling the need to reload.



    What I'm trying to say in this thread is that the AA-12 is hardly effecient. It takes about 2-3 shots from up close to kill somone, at range it takes even more so you very seldom get OHK's, trust me. On the occassion you do though, you will still shoot more than once because this isn't the USAS or Styrker. Anyway, assuming perfect accuracy at close range engagements, the AA-12 can ideally kill 4-6 people per mag. To draw a comparison from, the ACR kills in 3 bullets at all ranges, and it has 30 in the mag, assuming perfect accuracy, you could get 10 kills per mag. Thats not accounting for headshots, which bumps that 10 up to 20! But you and I both know that this doesn't happen, a lot of people will shoot until their enemy is dead and whether it took 6 bullets, or 10 bullets, they'll reload anyway. The ACR has the advantage of faster reload, better accuracy, more range, more damage, more ammo and a deep mag.



    There's also the issue with Last stand and Dead man's hand, it adds 2 shells to kill them, one to drop them, the other to finish them, making that 2-3, about 3-5 shots to kill. Even if they died in the same amount of ammo, when someone drops into LS/DMH they are invulnerable for a spilt second, and shotguns, as well as the AA-12 are frustratingly inconstistent in close range. I've downed people with the last few shots in my mag (within knifing range) and knifed them, nothing happens because of that split second immunity. More ammo and more damage could've prevented that situation.

  • 44. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    I don't know if lag is at an all time high or I've just never noticed it before, but my god the AA-12 is severly handicapped by the lag, it takes 3-5 shots to kill somone and 2 bullets from most other guns to kill me.

  • 45. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    a 10-15% damage buff won't do anything, it still will kill in 6 pellets. It sounds to me like you are scared to buff anything properly like infinity ward. It needs to be like it was in mw2 or how it was with the ext. mags glitch.

  • 46. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    I meant to say 7 pellets. But anyway, the aa-12 will never become like the striker, since noobs will never touch it because of its terrible range and weak shots. The striker could kill people in one shot at the edge of the aa-12 range. Even if the aa-12 got a 100% damage buff it still wouldn't be as good as the pre patch striker.

  • 47. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    Yeah, I gues I am, but I'm also anxious to see a drum mag on the AA-12 too though lol That would be really cool!


    I'm probably trepadacious about wanting IW to give a damage/range buff because look at the USAS. Horrible, like most shotguns until you unlocked one of the proficiencies. Now, since the patch, I've seen my friend get 1 shot kills from over 30ft, a range that the AA-12 with range doesn't even get hitmarkers at. If the AA-12 were like that I could imagine it being abused and overused, and it would lose its charm to me.


    The AA-12 can't stay as it is now though, I get so many hitmarkers its funny, something needs to be done.

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    Here's a short clip of the AA12's power.  Notice how it takes FOUR shots, at near point blank range, to technically kill someone.  Only in this clip, those four shots, simply put a player into Final Stand, as an extra F U.






  • 49. Re: Petition to buff AA-12

    The USAS only got a baseline buff, if you had ext. mags it is the same now as it was before

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