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The PS3 DLC's still not released.

And they say on online support nothing.

I asked when the release date will be for PS3 elite founder members and i got this answer :

I dont have the authorization to give you that information

Im becouming annoying...

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    These bums have made enough money without having to nurse on microsofts tit. They were very vague in saying dlc available to elite members on jan 24th. It's the whole reason we bought it to begin with. There was no mention at all by activision that ps3 elite members would have to wait, it's a bunch of bs and they have used deceptive tactics to sell these memberships to non Xbox users. They should refund everyone's money that has paid for elite on ps3 or the community should file class action suit against them and see how they like being screwed like the rest of us.

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    Yeah, I wish they had an exact date too. The, "It's about a month after Xbox, so around..." doesn't cut it.

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    It seems to me is all they did is put elite users foe ps3 at a normal release date and then pushed back ps3 non elite members back another month. So it would seem that I paid for elite membership in order to stay just a month behind Xbox as it normal would

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      Here we go again!

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      that''s how i've been looking at it. pay to stay a month behind... and the sad thing is, is all these people that say "i am saving by buying the dlc upfront..." only if you think about it, ps3 premium won't get the last drop until the end of oct. and non premiums won't get it until after the new game is released... if the new game is out in nov... now, at the end of october, i'm over this game and ready for something new, so a couple maps mean jack to me. and if i'm non premium, i'm not even considering buying the last pack, because the new game is out... so i'd actually save if i didn't buy premium.

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    If everyone is so upset about us getting the DLC a month after XBOX then why don't we all do something about it. I'm not saying Infinity Ward is to blame. But if you want the real culprit look to the publisher. ACTIVISION. If you want some one to punish, punish Activision. Boycott the next COD game to release in November. Instead of punishing yourselves by buying another game made by that bias company. It's either that or go buy yourself an Xbox 360 and pay to play online. Personally, I will not be buying another game released by Activision unless it has a Modern Warfare title and it is made clear that everyone on every platform will be receiving DLC content on the same date.

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      what we need is sony to up it and get us the dlc first they should have accepted the offer from activision instead of saying no

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        As a PS3 Founder Member of Elite I just assumed that we would be getting the DLC a month after the XBOX.


        Activision are saying that PS3 Elite purchasers assumed they would be getting the DLC at the same time as the XBOX, and that's true because some did. But at the same time did Activision infrom PS3 users who purchased Elite that they would not ??, no. So they are criticising people for assuming when they did not excactly make it crystal clear. Their condascending tone makes me mad.


        I wont be renewing Elite. I wont be buying the next Black Ops or Modern Warfare game. I wont be putting one more of my hard earned pounds into Activisons coffers. The game is a rehash that is flawed, Elite does not do what is promised.


        Activision can kiss my hoop.

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      i will not be buying another modern warfare title unless it has been steped up a hugh notch from the previous one ... eg. mw3 =mw2 revamped nothing has changed much

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        Correction: A lot has changed.


        The great matchmaking of MW2 has been removed for MW3 and lag has been added.

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          I agee that Sony should step it up for its customers. We all know how Sony is so upfront and honest with its users.

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            you know what I say, f**k activision. I was going to buy a map pack..but they have taken to long to release one to us non-elite. and thank god I didn't buy that **** garbage either. I feel bad for all pc and ps3 getting screwed...again. this seems to be a pattern. and to all the shitbox  lovers starting console wars of why they think they deserve first, it doesn't mean crap. so what if activision was paid by microsoft. you know what that tells me...is that microsoft is to lame of a company to rely on there own success for a fan base so they need to bribe and pay loyalties to other companies(who are whores) for exclusivity rights to make people want to play on there system. pc and ps3 take the other 2/3 revenue for this company..especially for those on ps3 who were unfortunate enough to have bought elite when they had straight up been  lied to saying no exclusivity to any console and changed there wording later. it never took 5 months to get a freaking map pack before. they are purposely in some ways shortening the games life cycle for ps3 and pc by doing this. in another 6 to 7 months a new cod is going to be out. and when ps3 users are fortunate enough to finally get a map to play on..all there sheep Friends will have bought the next cod..or further worse..bought a **** box....further more filling activisions greedy ass pockets. maybe cod should just be made for xbox. because that's what's going to happen when they keep shitting on the other platform users..and no I'm not going to buy a shitbox just so I can play a cod game. they just wont have my money.period.