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    PbtTheClan wrote:


    So you are basically telling me in a very immature way to leave this forum just because i based my opinion on facts and not on reputation?



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    I Me gusta you.

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    Welcome to the forums! =D

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    In all seriousness, we want and deserve a proper playable game, just because our console isnt as powerful as the big 2, we shouldnt have to be treated like 2nd class citizens.


    BUT we also have to look at how far we have come from the days of WAW, and be thankful for what we have.


    There`s a middle ground to be found between the community and the developers/patchers, they do seem to be very distant and we dont get regular feedback, but we do complain a lot, some people more than others


    At the end of the day its all about money making for the companies involved and we are just bit part players. Just tread warily when going off on one at the makers, coz they can very easily just not make the next game for us, as the hassle they get, coupled with the small profit they make from the wii, may make it worthless for them to even bother.


    BTW i wasnt aware of what the joker did at the time, I try not to get too involved in the forum politics, im too busy playing the game BUT only the joker himself will know why he did what he did, and the risks it meant. Im fairly confident he did it for the right reasons. I for one am really glad the glitch has been patched because it was our biggest threat so far to the game being completely ruined , BUT id never have known about the glitch, or never worked out how to do it, had I not seen it on youtube. And that wasnt jokers vid, it was another random guy. I youtubed it after reading about it on here.

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    I'm not gonna say sorry to JoKeR... Because I was on his side the whole tme and I NEVER doubted him! He's done alot for the forums and you expect him to backstab us like that!? Nope!


    Message to JoKeR:

    You were misjudged, betrayed, misunderstood, and I personally have to say that you deserve better than these haters for after all you've done for us.



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    Damn right, the wii is a quite fun and good console TBH, i am too annoyed by the fact that other consoles get more dedicated help and more patches, which is plain out bullcrap.


    Sure, i'm fine with the fact that the xbox360 gets their DLC first, but the fact that the xbox360 is the only console getting dedicated updates from IW is pure bullocks.


    IMO, it would be better if there were only one console, or perhaps someway to link the consoles with eachother to allow a more even update and release stream of games.


    And i really hate the idea of console only games, like zelda, Halo or ratchet and clank.


    It's just idiotic that if you want to play zelda, you need to buy a console just because of that, and if you want to play ratchet and clank, you need to buy a ps3 too, and if you want HALO, go buy a xbox.


    Well, we can't escape the fact that almost all game devs are bad at keeping a good stream of updates.

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    One company and one brand to rule them all? That's a monopoly my freind and those are illegal. Besides competition is good for business and growth and all that jazz. Without competition gaming companies would not change as much as they do now. I do understand what you're talking about though... sometimes i wish i only needed on console then i would not have had to spend money on a Wii and a PS3. If it means anything though some PC and PS3 games have cross platform gameplay. Portal 2 is a great example of this.

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    I see what your saying BUT consoles use certain games as theyre own selling points. Or there wouldnt be very much difference between xbox and ps3. Its almost a trademark if you like.


    The wii doesnt get support simply because its mainly children who play (though theres more adults play than they think),and theres no add on`s like mics/headsets/dlc, and the potential of making money simply isnt there, so we buy the game in November, and then we dont spend again.. Therfore we get a smaller team , and the wii budget is a lot smaller. Also, what people forget, OUR developer/porter is treyarch who are ALWAYS making the next game for the year after, either their own or porting an IW game, wheras IW get 2 years to make the next game.


    Its tough to deal with, but as a business decision its probably the right one.


    PS ive no idea how long it takes to make a patch, or how hard it would be.

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    Blackopswii agreed

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