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MW3 issues... need to be fixed.

List of Problems with this game:


-No hit registration

-Constant Lag in games ( not a single person is in sync)

-Awful spawns (they said they fixed them, but i get spawn killed half the time)

-Terrible idea to lvl weapons

-Being put in games that have ended or are near ending

-Leaving a game to join right back in, numerous times

-Awful maps


     Ill start with the hit registration, I have seen this on numerous occasions where you stand right next to someone, and unload a full clip into another person at point blank and none of the bullets register. When sniping i have gotten so many hitmarkers its ridiculous, when i was clearly hardscoped on their chest or head. This is a huge issue that should have been fixed withing the first 2 months of being out.


     The lag in this game is unbearable. I have had numerous occasions where i know i knifed first, but some how the other person ninja knifes at lightning speed. I have seen the hit marker symbol show up on my screen after several shots, and in the kill cam i never even hit the guy. This is an obvious sign of people not being in sync with each other. What i mean by this is that one person is cearly ahead/behind by a couple of seconds than another. Dont get me wrong i am pretty sure that i have been on the upper end of this situation, but it is very unfair in either case. Another thing is that half the time i die, im behind a wall and under cover, but because of lag i die anyways. (no impact on any of the weapons i die to this way)


     Now before i get crap about the spawns being fixed already, they are obiviously not. I have spawned and been killed withing less than a coulple of seconds because an enemy is in our spawn. I know what revenge spawns are, but im talking an enemy already in the spawns, and then being spawn pretty much ontop of them. Correct me if im wrong, but arent you supposed to spawn away from the enemy to give you time to get rolling again? I have yet to be spawn trapped on a plus side.


     The idea for leveling up weapons is by far the most annoying thing of all. I understand that you dont get everything at once, and earning the stuff is fun, but when your earning it across the 20+ weapons there is no variety to use. If i want to test out a new gun, i have to level it up just to get the same stuff i got for another gun. For me, i need some of this stuff cause im not the greatest of players. I get the idea that its supposed to take awhile to earn your gear, and that your not going to get each gun leveled to max without prestiging all the way. However, this seems to be for more hardcore players, and common players dont always have the time to get guns leveled up.


     Ever leave a game cause you obviously know your out classed? Some call it rage quitting, i dont rage at video games, they are all good fun. Well ill leave a game i dont want to be in, and instantly join another game, but wait whats this? Oh the same game i just left, ok...ok ill try again. Wtf same game again, gah screw it different game type, but wait i want to do this one. Ok one last time, omg its the same game again, RAGE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ <--lol. Anyhow id suggest that they put some kind of time/score limit restraint for when new players can join games. I can see things like well then the team who lost a player would be a man down. Well thats where setting the limit comes in, im tired of joining a game, and its ended or two kills from ending. Not only did i waste time, but half the time it adds losses to stats. I bring this part up for the people who are actually worried about their stats.


     I can see the direct paths a person can take on all the maps, and i understand where to be for those pile up of people to pick off, but never in my life have i ever been so confused on which way to look. Every other second someone is behind me or off to the side, while im taking out another enemy. I tried sticking to the edges, but most the time its hallways filled with people camping with assassin. I feel i win more face to face battles than the guy who flanks, which seems like every time i even decide to move. Maybe tone down the number of paths people can take? Black Ops even had this, and they were much more distinct with paths. Im tired of turning a corner then bam three more paths i can take, then have an enemy show up on my flank from one of the other two paths i didnt take. Its like running ring around the rosey. Im sure people can relate, not only cause i know they dont have flash(super hero) speed. I can only keep an eye on so much and react to only whats on my screen. Last thing about maps, may just be the Dominaition game type, but the flags are horribly unbalanced. For example, on village the team that spawns closest to C is a hop and a skip away from B as well, from the spawn, I say this cause it straight up gives one team both flags right off the bat. This occurs on a couple other maps i can not name atm, but you get my point. Im sure someone has noticed it.


     Now my reason behind posting this. I dont ever comment on the maker of a games website, but im only trying to get these issued pointed out with the game. Im not trying to balance the game in my favor, nor do i expect anything from this. I just feel that best place to have the makers see this is here. I know ill get a bunch of people flaming me for RAGING, TROLLING, or the GRAMMER POLICE, but these are just one person opinion on a game. I do expect some of these issues to be fixed, and i know others are just my opinion as i said. I have been gaming for almost 7 years now, some of those years being a hardcore gamer, and even i know that games will have bugs, but i feel like they arent taking the community seriously. I know im not the first person to complain, cause you can type in google "mw3 is" and get mw3 is awful, a joke, and fail. This is not a good start for the largest fps franchise in the world.