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Lag, is it fixable....

Lots of evidence in these forums regarding how big the problem really is. There have been quick fixes suggested ie: turn off theater, download background stuff, go wireless router etc.


Is there a big fix? A big remedy that the developers can implement?


Post your thought/s, suggestion/s, idea/s, solution/s but I respectfully request: please, no lag complaints in this thread.


On the other hand maybe there is nothing that can be done and thus the problem still exists??

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    Mw2 worked perfectly. Of course its fixable. It needs to be fixed by IW / SHG!


    Almost three months and its still unplayable.



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    the problem is there are so many people implement the so called fixes (download stuff in back ground) that i think at this point it is harder to fix because the programmers have to be able to identify the issue.  I can say the only time i even see any issues is when i play with someone over seas. I am hard wired and have rechecked and replaced all cables that are old or broken. I know a lot of peps live in apartments or rental houses and may not be allowed to update their stuff to accommodate the new pings and responce's of the Internet.

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    i think from a developer point of view maybe having a local only option that works would decrease the lag by extracting foriegn players,this would not cure the problem but would help.. also the amount of players that prob use Moderate NAT now only make the OPEN NAT players host more oftern which is only deligating the LAG problem.. believe it or not, using an OPEN NAT will make your game run smoother when not hosting....(i host 90% of the time unfortunatly) i still think the players with the fast connections get punished more for various reasons.. maybe if the developers looked more into this they may find an issue that most of us are suffering from..


    I also think when we log into MW3 to get online in the choose a class lobby.. the game sometime hangs for a bit.. im wondering if the game is running some sort of check on what sort of connection we have so its pre-setup for the amount of LAG COMPENSATION to give each 1 of us.. i maybe wrong but if this is the case why cant the game give me a number or letter to then put me in a connection catagory.. something like 1-5mb 6-10mb 11-15mb 16-20mb 21-25mb 26-30mb 31-35mb etc etc.. see where im coming from ?


    This may put us all into a more local but more to the point fair server so every player will either have the same LAG or the simular connection speed's ? there's so many things that can be put into this game to help so the slow connections get separated from the fast connections.. this way every player will be on a level playing field..


    If partys are selected (say 2 and above friends together) maybe a warning will let the host know that a certain player will LAG the host down or slow the party down ?


    Also what do you think of 5v5 as apposed to 6v6 because this also would help


    All the above will only improve the network/framework of MW3 surely...


    Hopefully patch 1.08 will have something simular?

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      You have some good ideas but I think first and foremost is creating regions. I don't think knocking the player count to 5 will make much of a difference, other games on inferior systems had 8 players per side with a lot less issues.


      Their local only removal and "optimized" code is an epic fail. I am constantly in EAU, Mexico or some other country. I am in the midwest US, this should NOT happen!


      I know Sony wants to have region free but for a shooter this just doesn't work. Create a dumby patch for EAU and seperate the players. This has to happen in order to eliminate a lot of the lag issues.


      Plus Mexico needs to realize that Dixie cups and string is not broadband!

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      I don;t know if this is has anything to do with it but logic tells me it might, I went  to play mw2, yesterday and I noticed while searching for a room the ping shown is in increments of 10, not 25 like in mw3. So that tells me they are grouping a larger variation of ping from different players in one room, and that must lead to lag. I too hope this upcoming patch helps or fixes it.