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FAD and Equipment needs work!


First off, I started using the FAD and noticed right off the bat that it was stupid weak. I would like is a little buff so that it is comparable to the rest of the AR's, its only fair. Why are the claymores and betties in this game so useless? They are underpowered,now let me explain. Everything has a counter but You have Stalker that delays equipment and Blastsheild that gives extra protection so thats two things that counter them and the ever wonderful extreme conditioning or using a shotgun that allows you to run right by equipment which is wrong. The delay needs to be removed unless you have stalker, it should be an instant explosion so you can't just run by. Since you only get one per spawn its perfectly reasonable IMO. Oh and the clip size without extended mags should be considerably bigger on the FAD because bullets go fast and take so many because of the damage points, but if they buff it then its not needed.

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    If the clip was much bigger on the FAD then it is now, it would be the next weapon as being complained about as being OP, it kills very easily allready at close and short range, and fairly well at medium range. which is where the FAD is meant for, not long range like some of the other AR's. If the bullet damage was increased by too much people would cry it was too OP beause of is fast rate of fire. It would become the next FMG in the game.


    I do agree about most if not all of the explosives in the game being too weak, but that is because everyone cried about how strong they were in past games and how it make camping easier. If they insta exloded with out stalker people would cry it was not fair that they can not just rush by them anymore. People would cry that there is no time to react and drop to prone to avoid the betty or sprint and hop to avoid the claymore. The explosives would be OP in so many of OP criers eyes and whined about once more until they were nerfed back to what they are now or even weaker.

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    The FAD is one of the better-balanced guns in the game. You get a high ROF, but it takes atleast 4 bullets to kill. You also get low recoil but again, it takes at least 4 bullets and the long reload time.


    For every positive, you get a negitive. Not (-,-) or (+,+).

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    Edit: Third time I read through I got it right.

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    The FAD is a run and gun AR since it has increased mobility.  Its kind of a hybrid between AR and SMG's