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I can't even report myself? But I cheated... lulz

TL;DR - I don't blame ya

Allow me to say, yes, I have used the Prestige Token glitch. Among quite a few other glitches and cheats that no one really found out how to do, because some people were smart enough to not post it on Youtube. None were on the account MR_OnyYX_ if you look this name up, as it is also my account, but what I use as a posting-name. I have used the damage/speed proficiencies on any weapon glitch (1-shot MK14, run around like a Charlie Sheen boss with the MP7). I have used in-game tactics to lag switch the entire game and kill everyone on the other team in search and destroy, without a lag switch. I have done all these things among others which I cannot think of right now, but might I add ONLY to those douchebags who were really annoying or used the same tactics - to make it even. I'm only saying this so that perhaps I may have my main account reset. I have gotten in touch with MW3 support via chat messages, to only aquire the knowledge of 'I don't know what to tell you, we can't reset you.' What? I have someone on my friends list who was reset just for the prestige token glitch, and I'm requesting that I be reset, and you're telling me no? Granted, I know it was just an employee, who could think of nothing else to do/say, and was not his fault, so I said thank you for your time, good night. What I don't understand is how I'm basically reporting myself, yet they said they couldn't do anything about it. Doesn't that make anyone doubt these companies at all? I've had enough problems with CoD games in the past (besides Black Ops, oddly enough. Just lagged like hell) but to glitch this bad just to be told no, keep your glitches is odd to me. With the update, I can't even reset myself, which is what I had been trying to do for the past week, but didn't make it in time. Lemme put it this way, I have 55 days Double xp for me and weapons, and everything unlocked for 10 classes. Game glitching is exploiting, got it, but it's sad when games like this are carelessly tested and thrown out into the public with a 'f__k it, we'll fix everything later' attitude. And to all you who say I'm a cheater, and blah blah blah... Dude, I know, hence the me trying to reset my own sh_t and beat you kids legit. What I was told by this Support employee was there is a type of automated device that does all the banning/resetting, so God forbid some real player gets reset because a bunch of rage quitting losers want to report one person over and over. Just saying. Too much typing and jumping around... I'll just reply to your comments/thoughts. Say what you want, I totally agree. Oh, but I never boosted. That's one thing I'll leave to the F_gg_ts that for some reason think that a +/-3:1 K/D is boss. Sorry kid, you're a h_mo. That I get legit on other accounts, and it's more like +4:1 if all I play is TDM. I'm a S&D guy with a legit W/L over 3:1, and 1.6K/D.