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MW3 Multiplayer is Broken (see Video)


Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer is Broken (see Video)

I'm a long time gamer with over 71 retail 360 games (& 15 xbox live arcade games) spread over many different genres and I'm sorry to say, MW3 multiplayer is terrible. I’ve come to this conclusion for the following reasons:



1. The spawns are an enormous problem. No matter how small a map is, there is no reason an enemy should spawn 10 feet behind you. Especially when it's the same enemy you just killed. I’m tired of watching killcame's were i kill someone and they instantly spawn up behind me and kill me, all in one killcame.


2. Lag compensation is the worst idea in the history of gaming ideas. For example, if the opposing team puts up an EMP (which makes your screen fuzzy & disables the mini map when not wearing Assassin) and I'm running Hardline with Assassin as the first unlock for my Specialist Killstreak's, before i die or even know I’m being shot at, my screen will go fuzzy (aka reverting back to no Assassin & EMP taking effect). This is the biggest example of lag compensation I’ve seen and its terrible. The 18mbps FIOS internet i pay for (LAN or wireless w/ port forwarding) is useless when i go up against someone who’s stealing weak internet from there neighbor because lag comp favors the week.


3. Maps either favor campers with an insane amount of grass & boxes or they favor shotguns & FMG akimbo with tight quarters. Very few maps are assault rifle friendly.


4. Shotguns have never been more overpowered. The only thing that can take out a shotgun head on is the even more overpowered FMG akimbo. These guns were given an unfair amount of range, and that's before you put the range proficiency on shotguns. These guns push good players to camp because they cannot be beaten head on with assault rifles.


5. You took something as terrible as quick-scoping and gave it the Quick Draw perk which made things infinitely worse. Black Ops got things right when they gave Slight of Hand Pro the ability to aim down sights faster EXCEPT SNIPER RIFLES. Let me say it again, EXCEPT SNIPER RIFLES.


6. Deathstreak's have never been more overpowered. Dead Mans Hand has a range that feels as big as a predator missile and annihilates anything in its path. Final Stand drops you to the floor were you take just as many bullets to kill as when you were standing. To make matters worse, you give someone in Final Stand full access to there primary gun, secondary gun, lethals (semtex), and tacticals (flash grenades). The creators of black ops apologized to the community for creating Last Stand which only gives you access to a pistol and you can be killed with something as simple as a flash grenade or a single bullet. If they apologized to the community for that, what made Infinity Ward think Final Stand was good? P.S. The kill should go to the person who put the enemy in final stand not the teamate who kills the guy on the floor. Black ops fixed that with a patch as well.


7. Assassin is incredibly overpowered with very little reason to pick other perks. Assassin makes you undetectable to UAV, Advanced UAV, Counter UAV, EMP, Motion Sensors, Heartbeat Monitors, and the Marksman perk. The only thing that can detect someone with Assassin is killstreak's (not including the killstreak's mentioned above of course). At the very least Assassin should be detectable by Advanced UAV (especially since it can be shot down anyway), Counter UAV, and EMP. Assassin's benefits definitely need to be distributed to other perks.


8. Theatre mode is terrible compared to Black Ops. You cannot view other players in first person. Only the person who uploaded the video can be viewed in first person. You also cannot watch movies as a party with your friends and cannot see the score of the game your watching. The benefits of elite also make no sense. Elite members get access to 16 vault slots in addition to the 8 slots you have as a regular player. But other players can only view your first 8 slots of videos. So i’m given 24 total slots for vids and pics but other people can only see my first 8. What's the point of that? And uploading a video to youtube or elite is very complex and broken. Your FAQ on how to upload a video is not the least bit helpfull. There's also no way to see community videos or highest rated videos which sucks.


9. Baracks/leaderboards are terrible. You have to press so many buttons to see the lobbys K/D, you don’t have enough time to do anything else in between matches. Black ops also got this right. Black ops has an easy to use Combat Record for every player were i can see your stats by pushing 2 buttons. MW3 gives you half the information 10 buttons away with 3 more buttons for each additional piece of information. The other half of the info you want to look up requires Elite which means i have to leave the game & open the Elite app just to get information that Black Ops Combat Record gave me with the click of 2 buttons.


10. Elite is an attempt to get dlc money upfront and we all know it. The clans are a cool feature but thers no current way to rank up your clan because there are no clan challenges. The only way to rank up a clan is a scam people are running were they invite you to there clan, get your one time only clan xp for being an paid Elite member, then kick you out of the clan with no way to get your one time only Elite clan xp back. Does Infinity Ward even know about this scam? Elite videos is a waste of time and effort. Do you think that your community would want to watch firefighters play multiplayer against police officers when neither side is remotely good at the game. If i want to see people play a terrible game of Call of Duty with no skill involved, i’ll look for it on Youtube. Elite tv is a waste of resources, resources that could be used to make this bad multiplayer experience better. So i payed $50 for videos that suck, stats that should be available in game, and clans that currently have no benefit unless i scam people. I almost forgot, I really payed $50 for awesome DLC maps. One map (Piazza) is shotgun/FMG paradise with short range engagements and so many lines of sight, you get dizzy trying to figure out were your getting shot from. The other map (Liberation) is a wide open map thats loaded with boxes and grass everywhere you look. It takes a miracle to figure out were someone is hiding right before they snipe your head off. P.S. this should be called MW3 Elite because it has zero support for Black ops except generic stats. God forbid you support Elite stats for Call of Duty Zombies, that must be asking way too much.


This game is a slap in the face to the people you made it for. Elite is a paid yearly subcription to that slap in the face. I think i gave MW3 multiplayer a fair shot since i have over 8 days played (194 hours). I consider myself an average player but just so you don’t think i’m a crappy bitter player with terrible first person shooter skills, here are my stats:


Kill Death ratio 2.06
Win Loss ratio 2.63
Weekly Kill Death 4.00
Highest Gun Streak 30


I pray for the day Black Ops returns and hope Infinity Ward stays far away from Treyarch. MW3 has the worst Multiplayer I’ve ever played and feels broken beyond repair.


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