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Kill the deathstreaks for future call of duty's


All the deathstreaks period reguarding future releases for the franchise should be included with commando, martyrdom, one man army, stopping power, and juggernaut. They should all be placed on the "abolished from call of duty" list ASAP. Aside from the return of deathstreaks the game is my personal favorite right now.



While we're at it, the person accountable for creating/contributing to the existence of this atrocity in mw2 as well as mw3 should be terminated, blacklisted, and banned from being under any future employ of multiplayer related projects and efforts. Obviously the founder of this deathstreak concept was incable of competiveness and effective hand eye coordination to fathom such an inexcusable notion that ended up in this franchise. Therefore a person of "great lacking" has no place in contributing to what real competitive gamers want in their favorite franchises such as this one.



Franchises are imperfect as it is, so why add to the imperfections with the inclusion of such concepts that reward those that lack true competitive drive and result in the penalty of those that don't? That's is inadvertantly asking for turmoil among the community! Deathstreaks can be catagorized as insulting for those that dedicate themselves to competing properly when they're subjected to these said rewards aquired by others who lack passion and compete improperly.


Everyone should get to experience this franchise that considers themselves a gamer, but not everyone should be rewarded with said concepts. Rewards should be exclusive to those who are passionate and are driven to overcome in game adversities to triumph. Such as how founder title and emblems are exclusive to those who actually subscribed for founder status on elite. As it is, deathstreaks are why mw3 can not truly be considered "triumphant". Should they return in infinity wards future releases they will undoubtedly result in the lowering of the publics opinion on this development studio.


The game is a blast, but it could have been an even bigger blast without them. Just my thoughts.

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    so what your saying is they need to do what you want and not listen to everyone there are a bunch of people that like the death streaks and the death streaks are there to assist people and they are trying to make the game so it is playable by newer players and veteran players but it seems you only want certian people to play this game

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    No...I have no problem dying by deathstreaks...It means my team and I are doing something right.

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    Your post can be catergorized as insultiing thinking that every player has to be a so called skilled player to play the game and have fun.


    Rewards should not be just held for those that are tryhards. You mad because someone used final stand or anothe death streak and ended your streak before you got a moab eh?


    And should they return in future titles it will prove that IW does not make games just to cater to the wannabe tryhards and will not lower the overall public view of them.


    This game is about fun and not solely about being competitive and being a tryhard caring about killstreaks.


    I could make the same post you just did and claim that they need to remove all killstreaks form the game because they ruin the game from being fun for those that just want to have fun and do not care about being competitive tryhards thinking that stats in a game mean so damn much all the time.

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    @litegecko and @yovlud  I'm saying everyone that like gaming should play the game, but the devs shouldn't reward everybody's every action. Just everyone's "truimphant" actions.  The concept of assistance to those who frequently find themselves "defeated" is one thing. But "hand me out" rewards for out right being defeated is another.

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    @trialstardragon  they already have a playlist that has killstreaks disabled. It goes under the name of barebones. Made for those who find said rewards unbearable or personally disagree with them.


    But they currently have NO playlist with deathstreaks disabled. I would happily be satisfied if they at the very least had ONE playlist, just one with deathstreaks disabled. Sadly they don't.

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    Please stop catering to the new players and remove these deathstreaks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. thank you....

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    @benjybangz  I am the poster of this thread and you basically summed it up in up in a single statement, BRAVO!!!

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    Thank you and i feel the same way you feel about these deathstreaks.....

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    Deathstreaks are only a problem if you play a short or close game and run up to close to them all the time. Even when using a smg or shotty I make sure I stay out of range of martrydom, and if they have final stand I still kill them. Because I watch to make sure they die and not just drop down. And DMH is easy to avoid unless in a small room.


    The problem is in barebones, it does disables killstreaks and it should disable deathstreaks too. A streak is a streak regardless of the type it is. Hopefully barebones has the moab disabled too; but I wonder about that one.

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