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Elite Clan Battles


     Since Clan Operations/Challenges aren't available yet, I know a lot of clans out there are wanting to have a go at it already, and I thought i'd go ahead and put it out there that our clan ReaL Elite is going to be doing some Clan Battles.  If you're a clan leader let me know if you are interested, or if you're just a member of a clan, ask your leader about it.  Of course, this will only be against other clans on Elite.  Just something fun and competitive to do while we wait for Elite to come out with Clan Ops/Challenges.


I chose 3 game modes to play that will go in order and to make it fair for both sides.  And i'll tell you why, just so you won't think im picking them to favor my team or any other team out there.



-Domination: The most popular objective game mode out there. All there really is to say about this one.


-Kill Confirmed: Also one of the most popular game modes, as it combines killing and objective gameplay at it's best.


-Capture The Flag: One of the least popular game modes in MW3, BUT one of the best modes that takes a team to win.  As you have to defend your base, attack your opponents base, and bring back the flag from across the map.


-Infected: Game mode that takes skill, team work, and communication to be the best......



This is not a MLG or GameBattles set up whatsoever.  It will be 6v6 with Killstreaks enabled and everything else, just like a normal pubs match.


There are no set maps, as everyone has their own opinion about each one.  So both opponents will agree on what maps to play on, or each opponent can choose a map they want and the final map will be random or both will agree on the last map.  My personal opinion on which maps to play on would be...



Dome: Most popular map in MW3. Is the NukeTown as it was to BlackOps. (Small Map)


Interchange: A lot of space, and in domination both teams have the choice to capture any of the 3 flag right from the start. Instead of being spawned at A or C. (Big Map)


Village: Another popular map in MW3, and one side does not favor the other. Balanced map. (Big Map)



The only thing i haven't figured out yet is to make it a best of 3, playing each game mode, one time, on one map GB style or best of 7 series.  I think it would be better to do a best of 7 because it gives the option for both teams to choose a map they want on a game mode and a chance for the opponent that lost the first game to redeem themselves next map on the same game mode. But of course it's up to you guys.


And lastly, those familiar with "Host Advantage" the only fair thing I can think of is to get both teams player with the best host/connection and test to see which player has the best host for EVERYONE. For example, Team A player host: 9 of 12 players have a 4 bar. Team B player host: 5 of 12 players have a 4 bar. Team A would obviously be the best host regardless of which players have a 3 bar.



If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, comments, or whatever feel free to post them. Thanks.