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Warrior Nation Clan recruiting for MW3 (360)

     A clan of 1500+ members, 40+ different games and been around for a mighty 14 years, Warrior nation is one of the biggest, strongest and best gaming communities there is, and you can be a part of it.


     Joining Warrior Nation (WN for short) isn’t based on skill however, it is based on attitude. Sure there are competitive aspects to the clan which our very best take part in but WN isn’t just about that. It is in fact both a competitive and casual clan and would probably be better described as a ‘Gaming Community’. People who want to game with like minded people and actually play with a full team nearly all of the time would find WN ideal. Just as those who are more competition orientated. It is through WN that the competitive/ casual border is crossed and people get on with what’s important and that’s having fun playing the game.


     All we ask in return is for you to follow the rules our clan upholds. This isn’t as bad as it sounds though, in brief it’s a case of what’s expected on any online forum, don’t spam etc, and in game playing it properly, no hacking/ glitching etc. The only restriction on joining is you need to be over 13. This doesn’t mean the clan is full of 13 year olds though, WN in fact has an average member age of 23 and this doesn’t look set to be changing any time soon.


      I’ll leave off going into any more detail about general WN to later as this thread was made for promoting the Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 part of the clan and is why you are reading this.


     Currently the Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 section within WN has roughly 90 members and this is continuing to increase. We have a very active member base with players who span the world and all the different time zones so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be online at the same time as someone else. What’s more we hold weekly ‘gamenights’ that are set times in the week when we get together to game with one 'gamenight' that covers most of Saturday and allows us to play with our fellow members ‘across the pond’. Nearly all the members are on most days though; these are just the official gatherings. We also have a, currently, level 20 elite clan which our members can join. You need to post over 10 times on the forum, this will remove your new member tag, before you can join the elite clan though. Don't worry though as this won't take long at all as we have a very active forum.


      You’re probably wondering how all this is held together and that is by the Warrior Nation website which includes its own extensive forum. Every game WN covers get’s its own sub-forum within it and here members can talk about the game in general, discuss tactics, ask for help/ advice and it is also where you can sign up for tournaments that we hold ourselves. MW3 360 is no different. As well as that our sub-forum is further split into another two, one dedicated for in game tactics and strategies and the other for the competitive side of the MW3 360 section. It is here the game battles teams are monitored, one for Na (around the EST time zone) and the other EU (around the GMT time zone) and people talk about general competition topics, such as map call outs or possible events to attend. You don’t have to be extremely active on the forum however, posting in the forum now and again is fine but you need to make sure you ‘sign rollcall’, this is simply a case of following a link in an email, sent to you once a month, and clicking a button to let us know your still a part of WN and we can keep you in the correct game’s roster.


     Being a part of WN isn’t a full time commitment but nor is it just an elite clan, it does rely on some effort on your part. This ‘effort’ being: signing rollcall, posting in the forum, attending gamenights and following our laws. Overall, it’s not much to ask and also not a lot to do and if you don’t think you’d be able to manage it then WN isn’t right for you. Essentially at the bare minimum it’s going on the forum about once every couple of weeks, clicking on an email once a month (rollcall) and playing MW3 on a weeknight/ at the weekend with people you’ll quickly make friends with. That isn’t a lot and it allows you to be a part of this epic community and experience everything else Warrior Nation has to offer.


     If you are interested in joining Warrior Nation or have any questions concerning the clan you can get hold of me at wnxben1601@hotmail.co.uk or you can simply reply to this thread and I’ll get back to you. Another option is to post in our forum's guest posting area and there'll be a lot of people there who can help.


      I’ve been a part of Warrior Nation since March 2010 and that is only a fraction of the 14 years the clan’s been going but I’ve found the experience to be absolutely awesome and I’ve made lots of great friends.

      I initially joined the Modern Warfare 2 360 section and then moved onto Halo Reach 360, then Black Ops 360 and now finally Modern Warfare 3 360. What’s great about WN is that it doesn’t restrict you to one game or one platform. You can move here there and everywhere. A new multiplayer game’s come out and you find yourself playing it all the time but you don’t want to have to look for a new clan? Don’t worry, any multiplayer game can become a section if it has enough interest and it is really simple to switch to that game, WN is constantly changing with games coming and going as interest moves on and then there are those die hard sections that have survived the onslaught of new games like Command & Conquer Renegade PC that has lasted a mighty ten years within WN.

      What’s more for those who are interested the WN forum has a leadership structure and those who want to get more involved can by applying for ranks such as ‘Battle Ops Captain’ which is about organising activities such as tournaments for your section or ‘Recon Captain’ which is the rank I’ve got and is about recruiting for your section and helping to keep the section strong in general. Whatever the amount of time you spend in game or on the forum with us I can guarantee, from personal experience, you’ll enjoy it and be better off by it.


      If you want to know more about Warrior Nation, for example the current games we cover or more details about the laws and policies we have, or even just what the website and forum look like, then you can follow the links at the bottom or ask me personally.


     I hope by reading this it has convinced you to join Warrior Nation or at the very least consider joining and I look forward to hearing from you.


Warrior Nation: http://warriornation.net/

Warrior Nation Forum: http://warriornation.net/Forum/index.php

Warrior Nation Laws: http://warriornation.net/law.php

Warrior Nation Policies: http://warriornation.net/policy.php

Warrior Nation: Guest Posting Area: http://warriornation.net/Forum/forumdisplay.php?f=191

COD MW3 360 Section: http://warriornation.net/Forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2289

COD MW3 360 Elite Clan: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/24642


     On a side note we also support Black Ops on 360 and PS3 and MW3 for both PC and PS3. It's essentially the same in how everything functions but just on the different platforms.

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