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Did anyone remember Express Game mode

Does anyone remember this awesome game mode, you know the game mode without ghost and without final stand.

Imagine this game mode for MW3 without assassin, Dead Man's Hand and final stand,

please IW bring this game mode back!!!!!!!

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    If I remeber correctly it was one of the least played game moads in BLOPS.  Also the UAV spam was so bad it was almost stupid.


    It's a perk and two deathstreaks.  If you can't learn to deal with em I'd start playing another game.  Just saying.

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    I liked the Express Playlist in Black Ops for nothing more than the decreased lobby intermission. I hate sitting there for a minute, then having guys constantly backing out and joining making the timer last even longer. If anything they should add an Express like there was in MW2 just to cut down the time in between rounds.


    I played alot of Express in BO, and the funny thing about removing Ghost was it didn't really stop people from camping. Guys would just throw on Scavenger or Hardline and sit behind claymores and motion sensors. Although I agree Express should be in the game, it doesn't really stop camping. DMH and Last Stand are annoying, but not too hard to deal with.


    If they make a playlist that removes those perks/death streaks, I'll definitely play it simply for the decreased time between rounds.

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    Express mode on BO was horrible. the first team to get a UAV up wins.


    TDM Express in MW2 is what we need. Faster macthes.