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  • 50. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    would have been better if there was something like the nova gas from black ops that would shift them out of their hiding places

  • 51. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    Infected isn't about the enemy fighting back, it's about one team having better guns and the other having to use large numbers and tac inserts to kill them.  If you want a team that will fight back go play TDM and don't try to make infected like TDM.

  • 52. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    isn't that how it's supposed to work? Do you think survivors should be able to get into a spot where even if the infected completely overrun them, they still can't get killed? I don't really see the fun in getting to some imba spot and sitting there for 10 minutes with no chance of dying...

  • 53. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    its just deifferent set loadouts everyday, they dont remove things because of problems. throwing knivs for example. i think anyway

  • 54. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    If all a person has is a throwing knife then you better believe they are going to hit atleast 1 out of 17 people. No matter how good everyone is. Someone is going to dye by throwing knife. If not then they should not be playing any fps.


    It is easy as sh*t to infect atleast 5 people (if you have a throwing knife). Once 5 people get infected, 2 or 3 of them will either all go after 1 person. And it is nearly impossible to dodge 3 throwing knifes coming from every direction. So trust me you will only kill them 1 or 2 times before they kill you.




    If there is a group of people camping they can lob there knife into the group and be gauranteed a kill.


    So put it like this. After 5 people are infected (which is extremely easy to do (if you have a throwing knife) and are carrying around throwing knifes the non infected team are guaranteed to lose.

  • 55. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    REMOVE THROWING KNIVES, i am going to stop playing this game because of it

  • 56. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    Don't forget the one in village by the caves, huge stump they jump on.



    Oh, and @dtmidian..... good, stop playing the game. Only reason you little kiddies love the mode is simply because you can currently glitch it out and boost to your hearts' content while guffawing like little schoolgirls over your mic.

  • 57. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    I hope some people actually take the time to read all the way through this post and see this..


    Remove throwing knives but add scavenging to the infected. This means if someone is camping in a spot all the infected have to do is sprint through and grab an ammo pouch and shoot him. instead of the current "theres a survivor /lob throwing knife". 


    Giving scavenger to the infected would promote surviviors to collect all the the ammo packs that the infected drop, moving them out of camping spots can giving the infected a chance to stab them before they retreat into their camping corner.


    this would also make it more even from the survivor side, since it is currently: Survivors can't camp cause zombies will throwing knife them, surviviors can't run around the map, be cause zombies will throwing knife them. The infected wont have pistol ammo when they spawn so you don't have to worry about the spam of ranged attacks like with throwing knives..


    and to those who say "just dodge throwing knives" what do you do when theres 10 infected lobbing them at you constantly, or when it ricochets off of walls or the floor. can you really dodge throwing knives that are coming from every availible angle?

  • 58. Re: Take Throwing Knives Out of Infection - AGAIN - Compromise?

    I like how morons keep saying "without throwing knives people glitch" Since when can you glitch when they have death barriers over EVERYTHING? Seriously you can't even jump on a trash bin without dying, who is glitching?? You must be god, or a good hacker if you can glitch through death barriers, just saying...Throwing knives ruin the game, I shouldn't be told to waste my time "practicing" dodging in a private lobby because people want the Easy Button and have throwing knives. Try dodging a throwing knife when there are 16-17 infected all throwing them at you. I ****ing dare you, tell me you can dodge 17 throwing knives, and now they have freaking radar for the last person? C'mon, this is supposed to be fun, you're basically setting survivors up for immediate failure, why play when infected don't even try to knife you? They just sit back and throw their TK's. What is the point? And people complaining that if you take out TK people will just boost their k/d...you are all honest to god idiots. It's actually EASIER to boost k/d with TK's. Just get infected by whoever is first, and go to town with that TK!  Overall no one should expect that IW (fake IW anyway) would honestly be able to create a game mode that isn't completely retarded (hardcore *ricochet* modes for example). Even without TK, their health is too high, they are overpowered when they do their little commando lunges (3-5 shots with a striker and they can run through it and knife you) <--ridiculous...Infected mode in community lobby sucks a** and IW/Activision need to learn how to design a real infected mode, not the n00b style that only people who are Arcade-style shooters can play and actually enjoy. Guns shouldn't take 3-6 shots to kill someone, even in a game. Especially one that boast "most realistic features". When was the last time you had to shoot someone 3 times point-blank with a shotgun to make them stop? I can blow a young tree in half with a triple-ot buck, don't tell me I need to shoot an infected person 3 times in the head, and watch my back for their uber throwing knife skills, while not being able to even climb a freaking trash bin without becoming auto-dead. Anyone that thinks contrary is absolutely mentally challenged. TKs, overpowered health, lunges from 20 feet away, and death barriers on everything but the freaking sidewalk is what makes this mode "Easy mode" If you can't handle infected the way it was Meant to be played, then YOU should be the one choosing a different game mode. /rant-mode off

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    i agree. i especially like the knife lunges where they don't even move their feet. they just look like they are standing still 50 feet away from you, and all of a sudden they are shoving a knife in your eye.

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