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  • 160. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Seriously grow a set.

    get better at the game.

    and be okay with the fact that they are trying to make it fun and fair for everyone

    not just losers like you wh +o love to sit on their thumb

  • 161. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    They added death spots to the annoying areas, so why are throwing knives still in?

  • 162. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Hey Robert Bowling,


    Is it possible to make the infected players sprint forever without having to click the left joystick everytime? I get frustrated when I have to keep running and then stop. I feel if you can change this It will help the infected players a lot. With this suggestion I believe throwing knives would not be necessary. Many people hate throwing knives and so do I. I would like this mode to be just as great as in HALO. Another thing to balance it would to increase the jump for infected players if possible so they can reach hard to reach places that people tend to do.


    Also, need to remove those spot barriers as many people don't know about them and just die. I don't believe those are necessary if you implement what I suggested above.


    Also, must fix new players that join games. Make them become infected not survivors. People are leaving the game and rejoining when they are infected to become survivors again. This will deter that.


    On a positive note I like the perks for the survivors and would like to have them in all game modes.

  • 163. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Seriously what is the point of those spots if they have throwing knives.

    Either way throwing knives or not.

    Those spots are ridiculous.



    No throwing knives + no death barriers - moab boosting


    throwing knives + no death barriers equals alot of peoiple complaining about a spot they wish they could campp but is complelety stupoid to camp their because



    Those spots are useless.


    I am very much against these spots because it makes the game mode MORE INTERESTING and it actually tests the SKILL

    of a TRUE PLAYER.


    Not to mention as of right now shows who is willing to have some fun Dying a little bit

    NOT A F#^&TON so someone can geta MOAB.


    but seriously guys change that stupid join game as survivor to join game in progess as infected .


    This change will greatly improve the playability and fun of this game.

  • 164. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    they are already giving you extreme conditioning pro, plus lightweight pro (which doesn't even exist anywhere else in the game.) i do agree that people joining mid-game should join as infected. so many times i have been in a game that was almost over, we kill the last guy, only to have someone new show up in the last few seconds.

    and i am alright with throwing knives... but ONLY the initial infected should get it. that's it. one infected with a throwing knife. if he throws it and misses, then any of the infected can pick it up. that is the compromise that seems fair to me.

  • 165. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Just add unlimited sprinting for infected thus if they rush they can kill any camping survivors in any spot. Also, add increase jumping height for them and this will solve camping hard to reach places. No NEED for throwing knives anymore. And fix leaving and rejoining...


    Also how about giving survivors ballistic vest for a perk or random drop?

  • 166. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    There ar still some spots even right now that arent blocked out that are still pretty devastating without throwing knives.


    Seatown and the little bridge you can hold down with 10 or 12 guys.

    bootleg and the little post above that gateway.

    outpost has a few.

    the ladders with now throwing knives all the people really need to do is lay down and stop the infected from coming right at the top of the ladder and grab the ammo bags

    the one container box - relativiely easy to get toi unless its occupied by 3 dudes. impossible for non throwing knife infected


    and DOME

    pretty much 12-16 guys ontop of a round bridge to cover every area possible. grab a couple scab bags before your ready. sit and wait

    sit and wait

    sit and wait


    shot all those mofos coming up the ladder




    that was easy


    but easy

    guys i think i really like this game because i can get a nuke without trying how cool is that


    is this really the way you want this game conveyed.

    seriously this game is rated M for mature


    why is it that every little kid that played infected in private matches cant UNDERSTAND WHY this game type needs throwing knives or death barriers to make it FUN AND FAIR FOR ALL.

    if you guys plan to cater to the masses under the age of 18 you need to remember



    It should not be "EASY" to get a nuke.

    It certainly wasnt easy in MW2.

    why make it easy now.

    dont sell out your true fans. to accomodate for a massamount of players


  • 167. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    i like your ideas here, but if anyone shoul get the vest it should be a deathstreak for infected

    say like die ten times infected get a vest.


    and survivors with vests wouldnt do anything. a knife is still instant kill on a vested player

  • 168. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Instead of MOAB as a reward give the survivor Juggernaut.

  • 169. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    I don't remember seeing lightwieght in my list of perks...

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