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VuVu Killstreaks

3 kills: (VuVu Recon) Plays the VuVu horn out and the enemies scream back letting us know where they are.
4 kills: (VuVu Package) A box descends from a Huey and drops us our mighty VuVu horns.
5 kills: (VuVu Strike) Jet flies in blasting the great VuVu noise over the radio till their ears burst.
7 kills: (VuVu Choppa) Chopper with VuVu power.
10 kills: (VuVu gunship) AC-130 with VuVu power.
12 kills: (VuVu Nuke) VuVu Domination.
(every killstreak requires one less kill for VuVu members)

7- [code:392var2w]http://www.france24.com/en/files/imagecache/aef_ct_wire_image_lightbox/images/afp/photo_1257756159624-1-0.jpg

10- [code:392var2w]http://regmedia.co.uk/2007/12/11/advanced_tactical_laser.jpg

50- [code:392var2w]http://therearenosunglasses.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/nuke.jpg

VuVu Perks.
1st perk
Bag: Allows a player to carry more VuVus
OMA: Allows a player to quickly switch to any opposing Vuvezela team colors for distraction
Pro Blow: Gives player the skills to play awesome tunes with the VuVu horn

2nd Perk
Deaf Ear: Bigger sound radius
Sound wave: Amplifies decibel output
Akimbo: Two Vuvuzelas

3rd perk
Dead Silence: Ear plugs for your team to block out the deafening sound
Commando: Melee with your Vuvuzela at 30+ feet
Martyrdom: Drop a live sound box out of your dead body that plays a constant VuVu tune