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Your best classes!

Sup mw3 wii pplz i just made this forum so you can post your best mw3 classes to use I just use 1 awesome one


here it is:

Mp7/silencer/rapid fire




semtex concussion


Sleight of hand






Specialist package: Scavenger Quickdraw Sitrep


And I don't get to activate the death streak but if it does I use the revenge death streak


So tell me if this is good or if I can improve it and also post yours


Happy mw3 moments

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    Primary Weapon: AK-47

    PW Proficiency: Kick

    PW Attachment: Red Dot Sight

    Camo: None


    Secondary Weapon: MP9

    SW Attachment: Extended Mags


    Lethal: Bouncing Betty

    Tactical: Portable Radar


    Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

    Perk 2: Assassin Pro

    Perk 3: Stalker Pro


    Point Streak: Support

    PS Reward 1: Counter UAV @ 5 kills

    PS Reward 2: Advanced UAV @ 12 kills

    PS Reward 3: Stealth Bomber @ 14 kills




    Primary Weapon: PP90M1

    PW Proficiency: Focus

    PW Attachment: Extended Mags

    Camo: None


    Second Primary: SCAR-L

    SP Proficiency: Focus

    SP Attachment: Red Dot Sight

    Camo: None


    Lethal: Bouncing Betty

    Tactical: Portable Radar


    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro

    Perk 2: Overkill Pro

    Perk 3: Stalker Pro


    Point Streak: Specialist

    PS Reward 1: Assassin Pro @ 2 kills

    PS Reward 2: Scavenger Pro @ 4 kills

    PS Reward 3: Blast Shield Pro @ 6 kills

    PS Reward 4: Bonus (+100 XP @ 8 kills + every other kill)

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      Primary : fmg9 akimbo's



      lol jk


      primary : ksg-12 forgrip damage

      secondary : usp akimbo

      extreme conditioning


      steady aim


      lethal : throwing knife

      and stun





      sleight of hand

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    Primary: MP7

    Proficiency/Attachments: Range/silencer
    Secondary: Desert Eagle w/ tactical knife


    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: Portable Radar


    Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
    Perk 2: Assassin Pro

    Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro


    Strike Package - Assault (Care package, Attack Helicopter and Strafe run)

    Death Streak: Revenge

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    With cousin (He'll use the exact same setup)

    MP7 Silenced/Rapid Fire (Or Silenced/Ext. Mags depending on map)

    Secondary: MP9 Ext. Mags


    Lethal: C4

    Tactical: Trophy System (I'll explain - and I rarely use it anyways.)


    perk 1: Blind eye

    perk 2: Assassin

    perk 3: dead silence


    Support Package - UAV/Vests


    Run&Gun, flank like crazy, use trophy system when we hear a predator missile launch or someone fired a tube our way but missed the 1st tube. Place it and run, but be safe from being tubed.


    Trophy System can let you survive airstrikes/stealth bombers too.





    When playing alone:

    All of the above but running Specialist:


    Sleight of Hand

    Hardline (I don't feel the 3rd perk helps too much in getting the All Perks bonus so I use hardline so that I get all perks 1 kill sooner)




    HC TDM. Would play HCHQ but it doesn't exist.



    Forgot death streak.... Final Stand.

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    Your setup looks pretty darn good to me, the only thing I would change is marksman. If you have sit rep pro I would recommend using it as it makes it much harder for people to sneak up on you if you rely on the sound of footsteps.



    I have several good classes, but one in particular is a MOAB maker.


    Fad=Double attachments

    -Red dot






    Portable Radar=


    Sleight of Hand=

    Quick Draw=






    -Steady Aim

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    Any gun will do


    but my fav class is:



    UMP45=2 attachments


    -Red dot





    Blast shield=

    Quick Draw=




    -Sleight of hand


    -Sit rep


    I have been so close to my second m.o.a.b whit this class twice

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    Primary Weapon: Akimbo FMG9s

    Secondary weapon: What other weapon?


    Perk 1: Assassin

    Perk 2: Assassin

    Perk 3: Assassin

    Perk 4: the poison that ruins this game.

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    Primary: Riot Sheild

    Secondary: P99 Tac Knife

    Lethal: Throwing Knife

    Tactical: Portable Radar

    Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning Pro

    Perk 2 : Assassin Pro

    Perk 3: Dead Silence Pro

    Assault: UAV, Care Package, Precision Airstrike


    I got 43 kills and somewhere between 8-11 deaths with 35 of the kills coming from my knife. The funny thing is after the match the enemy team said I was camping and raging calling me a hacker and I almost died laughing at the TV because one of the kids dad heard him raging and told him to get off the Wii since he wasn't suppose to be playing.

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    wow guys i thought my classes were good yea right yours rock and btw lancer/silent some british kid raged at me in snd when i did this on purpose: i got the bomb my team died it was just me+british kid and i just hid and put my claymore infront of me.









    btw kevin got this idea

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    UMP 45 ex. mags

    The 2nd machine pistol


    Throwing knife



    Recon (until Scavenger is unlocked)




    UAV, CP, I.M.S

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    MP7 Red dot,                               


    Fmg Akimbo   -.-


    Portable Radar









    Blast Shield or Hardline

    Sitrep or Steady aim


    This class along with my P90 probabaly have got me 50 or more of my MOABs.

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      MP7 rf + range

      FMG akimbo


      Portable Radar



      Extreme Pro

      Quickdraw Pro or Assassin Pro

      Stalker Pro



      Specialist with SOH@2 SCAV@4 DEAD SILENCE@6



      Adv UAV/Stealth/EMP





      My strike package is dependent on map/mood im in/enemy im facing, but I have 3 classes set up with the exact same thing bar the strike package, and I have 2 where I have the mp9 secondary instead of the fmg. I do use the fmg as a secondary though, and only use it when im out of ammo, usually with my support or assault packages as I dont have scavenger

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      UMP.45 2 attachments- Suppressor and Rapid Fire

      Throwing knife.

      EMP grenade.

      Scavenger Pro

      Hardline Pro

      Steady Aim pro.


      Strike Package-Assault: Attack Helicopter (Cobra/Hind), Useless air show number #1, really big Useless Air show. (Strafe Runs and pavelows.)