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  • 20. Re: Petition for IW to fix 1.08 Lag

    MW3 is a game which has been waiting for the trash bin since released, every year the same old crap! Launch Night for the past 4 years, the multiplayer never worked; they always use the same excuses.


    MW3 is the biggest fail of the series, and the new record holder for the longest time to patch the connection problems.


    1.07 = Ok, it's playable; it still's a load of bull**** compared to COD 4 which every bullet hit and was lag free.


    1.08 = WTF, Where that guy go... OMG It's lagiinz fml! followed by rage quiting...

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    Guys, there will always be lag, in every game, it's not something the devs can control. They can however try and improve lag compensation, but flat-out removing lag is impossible. There will always be moments when you die from a guy you know you shot first, or die from a hail of bullets right as you turn a corner. Think about it - you've had plenty of kills that were due to lag as well.

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    1.08 really screwed up this game....im at the point where i have to throttle the heck out of my connection just to make the game halfway playable.....fix the lag!


    last night when i did not throttle the connection it was jumpy and stalled alot....WTF happened!

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    It was bad before and now its horrible. I bet it goes back to bad in the same 3 months it took them to get us here.

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    IW are crazy everyone is complaining about lag and they are announcing 5 more prestige levels so not only am i f**ked off at the lag now i have wasted my time doing challenges and gold guns to have them all reset if i prestige WTF!!!!!!!!

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    Playing last night and the lag wasnt as bad as it was two days ago... then I noticed top right of screen the number ended in a 7   Did they roll it back??  I am looking at the correct number right?? (update)

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    yes i agree was not as bad last night but still inconsistent

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    I'm lost, i'm 100mb down and 10mb up and i have no lag and never have (the odd occasional sec or 2 but nothing major), not sure what issue everyone is talking about, i suspect its more likely your isps and hardware rather than anything in IW/activision control?

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    Ohhhh  Well then...  Everyone who is reporting lag must be wrong.


    I am 25 mbps down 5 mbps up and can ping a local server at 24 ms (<100 ms to servers across the country).  My PS3 is hard wired to my modem and running in DMZ (no wireless, no firewall).  If that connection and setup is not good enough to play MW3 then there is absolutely something wrong with the game...  Not my connection.


    Just because it works for you doesn't mean you are in the majority.  Just count yourself lucky and shut up.  We still have problems.

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