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Looking for serious PS3 Clan

PSN: HashTaZ

Favourite modes: Kill Confirmed, Domination, Demolution (before the messed up update)

Strike package: Specialist, Assault, Support

Game style: Defensive, Run and Gun. It depends on the situation

K/D: 1.904 (still rising)

Score: 3304385

Activity: Every day I play for as long I can

Age: 17 (turning 18 in June)


Call Of Duty Elite Founder: No

Prestige level: 8 and I'm done with prestige i'm just gonna focus on getting better.

Country: Belgium

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    Check out my posts i think you'll be very interested

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    The [SoNz] are a 300+ member Clan that plays BF3 and MW3 for PS3.  We have a BF Platoon and a MW Elite Clan.  We are always active and recruiting, you should check us out at WWW.SONZ.ENJIN.COM.



    Premium Elite Membership (you do not have to be a founder)

    1.20 Kill Death Ratio

    15 Posts on our forum at the address above


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      Really a 1.20 k/d clan wants me to pay 60 euoros, buy a mic of minimum 20 euros and join their website..... And then you kick me after you stolen my cod elite xp or w.e. is that you get when you're premium.


      If you where a 2.00 k/d i would consider it but I don't need to pay 80 euro's just to play with a 1.20 k/d team

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    check out TWD clan on our website http://twdps3.co.nr/

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    Combined Power


    On elite


    We want 100 members

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    Just looking for new members and just casually having fun =P
    K/D Should be about 1.5 as its pretty decent and half way
    On PS3 so add up if u wana join =)

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    Combined Power


    On elite


    We want 100 members

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    Serious Clans pleas.

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      Allstars Gaming is currently recruiting members. We are a small clan of dedicated players on the PS3 console. We rely on superior communication and gaming tactics to ensure victory. We play a variety of game modes, but most often play domination, tdm/kill confirmed. We also participate in GB’s and MLG tournaments as well as fun lobbies.


      All our clan leaders and the majority of members have win loss ratios above or near 10.0, as well as kill/death ratios around 2.0. As you might guess we do have some rather strict requirements, but this is only because we are seeking the best of the best players out there.




      Age 15+

      1.5 kill/death ratio (exceptions can be made based upon your gameplay during evaluations)

      Gaming Headset with Microphone – (Trittons, Turtle Beachers, Astros….)

      Skype – (Since MW3 Chat is terrible, we communicate in game over Skype)

      Call of Duty Elite - Premium not required, but highly preffered

      Winning attitude – Winning is everything no matter the cost


      Apply at the link below. Register for the site, go to the forum, fill out an application and come join the Allstars!



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    Check out KROW we play mostly domination and a few other hardcore game types

    If your interested add me


    You can play with us and if you like it after that and we think your good enough you can join

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    Check out DAC; we are looking to recruit new members.


    We specialize in Domination first; then we also play other game modes. We are looking for members like you that use a Mic and are active on the PS3.


    Thank you,


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    Gamers Anonymous:


    Must be 17+,

    From the UK,

    Decent at the game,

    Willing to do a trial period,

    Have a mic (We can make accpetions for good active players).



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    Still looking for a clan.

    Any belgian teams, netherlands teams??

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    BHV) kingkenneth


     We are currently recruiting members for Call of Duty for both PS3 and XBOX. We are looking for dedicated players of all skill levels above the age of 16 that are willing to bring their knowledge to the brotherhood, sign up and complete the in-test at the link below and shortly you will be playing and winning with your new comrades for the Brotherhood of Valor.

    Registration Form

    [www.brotherhoodofvalor.com | http://www.brotherhoodofvalor.com]

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    More pleas

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      Hi there!


      We are mostly guys from Portugal and Spain but also 1 guy from Italy, 1 from Norway and 2 from USA. Since we usually are 6-9 most of the time we just play Ground War (Kill Confirmed - TDM - Domination). We are currently clan level 2. Say something if you want to play some games with us!

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    Dark Apocalypse Gaming - www.dagclan.com is 18+ clan, currently level 23 on Elite. We're a mixture of casual players & competitive players with a few choices in GB teams. We use many forms of social media outlets & always have some sort of contest/competition going on. Feel free to stop on by.


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    OmK is looking for players that have founder status so we can level up our clan we are a great clan also, always play as a team we play any game mode we are a active clan. If you wish to join OmK. or have any question please do so add my psn: Droid-Deka




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    Tactical Gaming is recruiting.  http://tw.tghq.org

    Tell them TG-Bomshell sent you.

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    Try W2OE


    Search it on google, they are a really good clan

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    Infamous Assassins Recruiting for XBOX 360 & PS3Infamous Assassins is a multi-platform clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to.

    We focus mainly on Call of Duty and Battfield Series, but we will have a number of members on other games like Halo, Gears of War, Socom & Killzone Series. We are looking for members and leaders to lead our members.

    We accept members from all over the world. We dont care if your from America, Europe, Asia or somewhere in between. All are welcome.

    Here are some of the thing that go on in the Infamous Assassins:

    >> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members

    >> An active chatbox with people to always talk to

    >> A mature group of members always online to play with

    >> Tournaments with prizes for the winner and good performances

    >> Gamebattles Team for members that are into competitive gaming

    >> A progressive ranking system for our active members

    >> An active forum with new topics every day

    >> Updates for the newest and hottest games out

    >> Random Give Aways of microsoft points / XBL gold memberships and PSN cards!

    >> Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter

    So come check us out at www.InfamousAssassins.com and fill out an application. If you need any help or have problems please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks for taking the time and checking us out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    small clan looking to boost our ranks: o_0    no dumb k/d requirements, if you play, your in. only got 8 ppl so far, look me up. our leader is CloudBP

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    I'm looking for EU based team !!!

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      Hey Hash, I'm not going to give you the same generic message as others have.


      Tactical Carnage is a large PC gaming community that is expanding into Console Gaming.. I'm also looking toward potentially supporting an EU section for the most popular gaming titles.


      If you're interested, I would have leadership positions available if you think we might be a solid fit.


      Website: TacticalCarnage.com


      Email: If you have any questions, or are interested email me at MissVendetta@TacticalCarnage.com


      Happy Gaming =)

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    To join:   

    Must be mature- Cry babys need not apply.

    Prefer you to have a mic but is not needed. If you do have a mic, it stays on mute unless you need to communicate. No crazy background noise or music blasting, lets not be that guy.

    Must be willing to participate in clan operations/ challenges when they finally start

    Positive attitude reguardless of win or loss

    No rage quitting

    In it to have fun!

    In return we:

    Do not require you to be a founder/ premium member but don't ***** if our clan does not level up that fast because of it!

    We do not require any special k/d.

    Will have someone that will always have your back in game


    Together this clan will thrive. Clan decisions are made as a group not by an individual. Welcome to the brotherhood of the MURDER TEAM STRIKE FORCE!

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    Hey man,


    I'm a part of TG (Tactical Gaming).


    We've been around since 2004 and now currently have over 2000 members spread across PS3, Xbox, PC and 10+ games.


    Within Call of Duty we have teams that have finished in the top 10 of their ladders on Gamebattles, or have won competitions on other gaming sites.



    We are a clan that caters for any player, regardless of ability. We are able to do this as we have so many members. You can join squads (mini-clan of 10 people) that suit your playstyle - they can specialize in your favorite gamemodes, and you can join squads based on how competitive you are.



    If you are not as interested in playing competitively we have more 'casual' squads too, that play together, have some fun, and focus on working together as a team in order to triumph.



    All we require is a mature attitude and a working headset.



    Check us out at http://tghq.org

    Make sure you put xX_wHiTeLiTe_Xx as your referrer.


    Any questions please PM me!

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    Are there any clans with a GMT+1 or a time zone close to it?

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      Hashtaz, look for D3LTA FORC3 in the clan search. You'll see a 80+ member clan with many k/d's above 2.0. I dont have several with low k/d's but most of them are clan members who have been in the clan for YEARS and have been with me since socom. That should tell you something about the clan, that it has been around for several years. We have nothing but GOLD medals in clan operations, and several top 100 finishes out of more than 29,000 clans. The lst one we ended up being 31st overall. While I am in the USA, i have clan members from aorund the world. I have about 5 in England, 2 in Spain, 2 in Saudi Arabia, 1 in Germany, Australia, and Canada. I need good european players in my clan because of the clan ops that are in the middle of the US work day.