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3 Concerns, M.O.A.B, Infected, Call of Duty Elite.


1: M.O.A.B = So basically, this is sort of a rant? Not exactly, I'm here to tell you what many people dislike about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, 1, is getting killed by your own M.O.A.B and not getting the experience for kills, but giving you an extra death and kills not counting towards leaderboards/Kill/Death Ratio, etc. Basically, this happens to a lot of people in infected, they get overrun, and end up calling in their M.O.A.B and then dying, killing themself but not getting XP or kills on the leaderboard. This just happened to me, I believe it may have counted towards my K/D Ratio, but did not add to my kills. I looked in my MW3 Summary and it said I went 35-2, as in game it said 25-2.



2: Infected = So as you know Infected is no longer a Private Match Gamemode, it is public. Now what people ENJOY and LOVE is the fact it raises your accuracy and Kill/Death Ratio SOOOO high! M.O.A.Bs are still very simple, throwing knifes or not (I have gotten 5 M.O.A.Bs in Throwing Knife games). People are getting an 18 man clan team and getting 'sick kill feeds' which their clan mates try to knife them but 'can't' and he ends up getting 150+ Kill Streak (Also known as boosting). I have crashed SEVERAL boosters because for 1, you're aloud to split screen in INFECTED! What was Activison thinking?!?!?! Did they really not think that people wouldn't split-screen and kill their friend/themself over and over and over and over again until they got a M.O.A.B or until they died?! I have crashed over 28 boosters and COUNTING, I report them all and I don't know if anything happens! You serious?! This is the most easiest way to get your Kill/Death Ratio up, you usually only get 1 death if you're a late infected, and end up getting like 20 kills, boosting your K/D up more and more.



3: Call of Duty Elite = So as you know, Premium Call of Duty Elite costs $49.99... Why should you pay for it? Because it could potentially help you out in-game, but does it really help you? It's very slow, always in maintenance it seems, and always doesn't do what you want it to do! It does not matter how fast your internet is, Call of Duty Elite is slow, very slow. The features it gives for Premium, will make you so frustrated 'Buffering' 'Slow' 'Un-usable' is all I hear, and have experienced. Now I'm not saying not to buy it, but if you do be prepared for if Call of Duty Elite is super flipping slow for you, as if you read this, you're warned. It is not worth $49.99 in my opinion, and half of the people who do pay for it want it because of the map packs, which would cost more seperately but would only cost about $15 every month or so... which would give you time to make more instead of spending a whopping $49.99 and waiting for them. Feel free to pay for Premium overall though, I'm not telling you not to, but I'm concerned about the quailty Call of Duty Elite gives.


If you disagree or agree on any of these things, please comment below and tell me your thoughts - Icy_Rapture