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Enough of the "5 more prestiges" threads


we understand there are going to be 5 more pretiges. we found out about that a few days ago. and on top of that i am very tired of seeing people making threads saying "but what about my gold weapons" or anything else they took time to aquire. here is a thought......DONT PRESTIGE. if you dont like how you just got a lot of your weapons gold, then dont prestige. i actually think the idea to put in 5 more prestiges is quite stupid really but we dont need all these threads saying the same damn thing over and over. we get it. you got a lot of weapons gold and are now mad they are adding more prestiges. we understand. you dont need to keep making threads saying that.


i would have to say this is karma considering the fact that most of the people who got to 10th prestige hurried up with their leveling. this is a game, not a competition to see who gets to 10th first. they will most likely add 5 more after this as well so dont go through all 5 of these upcoming prestiges so fast and start getting gold on all your weapons since you will probably have to do it again.


bottom line, stop making these "5 more prestige" threads. its getting annoying.