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Quick Question: How to Use Airstrikes, Stealth Bombers?

Okay I figured it's about time I asked, since on my small map assault class I use airstrike to help me catapult to Reaper.


Let's say there's an alleyway or something I'm trying to hit- do I want to start at one end of the alleyway and aim down it, start at the middle, or what? Like where is the first bomb going to drop? And how far spaced are the bombs?


Please don't tell me airstrike sucks because it's really the only thing between pred and AGM and it helps me get to Reaper.


Same thing also applies for using stealth bomber on my support class.




edit: well I guess there's always chopper but it's one more kill, is easily taken down by stinger, and takes longer to get the kill. I might try it out though.