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Kinda "No More Support" proof


Everyone of you noticed recently how the version number of our MP frames went from 118.4.4 to 118.4.5 .

But I don't know if you noticed, that this is a relative odd behavour for the version number. If you compare to the updates we got for BO and the one we got for MW3, you will recognice, that the version numbers jumped in intervalls. For example frome 100.1.1 to 102.4.66 or something that way. The reason for this is, that the devs develope and test intern form version to version without releasing it. We only get the final update, but since the last alot of things happend so it also shows in the version.


Now, we only got form 4 to 5, so I think this means, they did absolutely nothing until the glitch flooded youtube. Then they just had to sit down, passed this and some other glitches and updated it and then returned to their previous work => No More Updates