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Your LMG class?

Hi there! Thanks for looking at this disscussion. I am getting kinda bored with using assualt rifles and smgs all the thie. (I use shotguns too) Now I want to start using LMGs. If you play with an LMG that you think is good or that you use alot, please post your class. Also, if you could also give me some tips when playing with an LMG, please post that too. Thanks!

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    A bunch of people posted ideas on this discussion of mine




    The setup I like


    L86 LSW w/ 2 attachments, grip and thermal scope,

    Secondary usually stinger

    Recon (pro preferable)

    Hardline for assault class and quickdraw or assassin for support


    I like trophy to stop preds but it's kind of counterintuitive to not have flashes with recon


    UAV pred AGM for assault


    Using the PKP for now to get an extra easy 10k from weapon proficiency, it's okay but I'll have to see what it's like with grip and thermal before comparing it to the LSW.

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    To me, the LMG's are really the same. Secondary's and perks are what make it special.

    LSW w/ Speed and ACOG

    FMG9 Akimbo

    Frag EMP grenade

    Blind Eye



    Suport Vests Drone Bomber

    Dead mans hand

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    rpd with grip



    stopping power


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    M60 - with Kick & Red Dot Sight (preferably the default one)


    Slight of Hand


    Sit Rep



    EMP Grenade


    Care Package



    (my standard Assault Package)


    Secondary - Five Seven Silenced


    This setup seems to work pretty well for me when I run and gun, well as best as you can with an LMG

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    Using pkp pecheneg with grip and kick, SoH, QDraw, and Marksman, specialist with Assassin, Blindeye, and then whatever...

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    I have them all gold and In my opinion the pkp or Mk46 are the best   my classes are


    Pkp  Attachments   Grip/Red dot

    RPG (love rpging)

    Portable radar  or flashes depending how you play





    all pro

    Assualt: pred Ah-6  Pave low


    same with the MK46   but its pretty good with grip and silencer, if u want to use assasin

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    I have been using all of the LMG's this prestige to change things up and find which ones I prefer.  I have 2 favorites... the MG36 with grip and speed proficiency, and the MK46 with a silencer and speed (or kick).


    With either class I use blind eye for perk 1, quickdraw for perk 2, and sit rep for perk 3.  The speed proficiency lets you move at a speed comparable to carrying an assault rifle, and the quickdraw lets you bring it up like an assault rifle.  The advantage over most assault rifles is the clip size and the minimal kick if you burst fire and the power at ranges.  I would still say in general assault rifles are nice, but I like the fact you dont have to reload until you have like 6 or 7 kills already.  The reload rate on the MG36 is very nice, so I would favor that over the MK46.

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    LSW or MK46 with grip. Proficincy kick until you get speed.
    secondary smaw
    blind eye (pro) shooting down uav's for quicker leveling

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    The only time you'd see me with LMGs is whenever I'm in Juggernaut armor.

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    My usual LMG setup:

    Any LMG w/Dot Sight, Grip, or Suppressor.  Speed Proficiency.


    Claymore or C4

    Trophy System

    Blind Eye





    This kind of class has three purposes. 

    1. Run n Gun, due to my enhanced movement and ADS speed

    2. Going prone to suppress areas, with a Claymore and Trophy System to protect me. (or C4 if I want to be more offensive)

    3. Anti-Air, because LMGs with Blind Eye Pro, is a nasty combination (the Stinger is there just in case I need to reserve ammo)


    Also, All of the LMGs in my profile, are level 30.  And my favorite one, would have to be the MK46.




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    I play with the M60E4 with the Attachments proficiency using a red dot sight and grip.


    Stinger, semtex, two flash grenades.


    Sleight of Hand


    Steady Aim


    I use a Support class of Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber and EMP.


    Contrary to most users I thoroughy enjoy using LMGs (particularly the M60, which I loved in CoD4 and used a prestige point to unlock straight away in MW3) and I usually clock a 2:1 K/D ratio when using them.