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Now In Love With the Mark 14

When I started this prestige I thought I was done with assault rifles. My path to first prestige using mostly the scar l and acr was hell. So I've been using lmg's and my tokened mp7 for most of this prestige.


The other day I was out of ammo or whatever and I picked up a Mark 14. I wasn't very used to it since I use mostly full auto weapons, but I was intrigued and made a class for it.


Wow, it's great. If you haven't tried it you ought to.


Most notably it's a two shot kill at most ranges which is nice. In addition, one shot headshots are great. Two other things I love are the fact that it has almost no recoil, making long range kills extremely easy. Also, the first shot seems to give the target a huge amount of flinch, since it's almost as powerful as a sniper. I've seen people get hit by it by me in final kill cams and wow, they got lucky to land the follow up shot.


So my question is how many of you use this gun? What are your favorite profs and attachments?


I'm also trying to figure out whether to use a token on it. I'm pretty much deciding between it and the stinger. Tough choice.