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Shotguns are so annoying!


I'm so sick of those pricks who run around with a shotgun just collecting kills. They have no skill in playing the game so instead they use something that has a wide range of attack. Ever since they put those weapons in the COD games I've hated them because all it does is give the crappy players a chance to rack up kills.

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    Replace shotgun with akimbos and many would take you seriously.

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    I think it's the ease of use more than anything else I picked up a SPAS-12 earlier to see what they had done to them ( I was host and the game had gone to hell) and hit 6 or seven straight kills all but2 (which was the same dude) were one shot kills.

    Plus the range on them is plain wrong close quarters nodoubt should be an instant kill but not on some of the insane distances you get.

    The striker was the easiest primary gun in the game to get maximum level and you don't even need the range or damage to get a load of kills with it I stuck with kick and grip.

    Maintaing a good k.d with them however is a different story I think mine was about 1.2

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    Are you serious?

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    I hated it when they put in things like the attack helicopter. It doesn't add to the "gun on gun" experience that Call of Duty is supposed to be. I hated it when they changed the knife system from World at War in to what it is today because in World at War it barely connected which means panic knifing ***** aren't gonna last. But shotguns? Really? How stupid are you to actually say that shotguns need to removed? They have crap range and even if they do have a large range, they usually have have crap damage at that range.

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    Can't tell if serious... or.. just. new?










    Striker, every one will agree, everything else... *cough T95 akimbo FMG's*

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    i have to admit the shotguns are actually good enough to compete with the other guns now but that's how it is supposed to be. the only one that i find really cheap is the aa-12 because all you need to do is stay close quarters and spray but most people would say its garbage

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    The range on the shotguns is too big. I was playing domination on underground, I was laying down capping "C" and someone with a shotty came up the stairs from the "B" flag by the flower pots and killed me with one shot. That is too far to be getting one shot kills with shotguns.

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    The only thing wrong with the Type 95 is its two hit kill range. Lower it down to 15m and it will be good. In comparison, the USAS-12's maximum range is 17.5m. If you would rather have range measured in units then here is the stats. 15m=600 units. 100 units=2.5m

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    First you say it's easy to get a ton of kills with them, then you say it's hard to maintain a good kd with them. Baring striker, the shot guns are not easy to use at all, try out the model and see how well you do, it's the only shotgun I use so I would know.

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