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  • 10. Re: Shotguns are so annoying!

    clearly a troll.



    u all got trold

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    Erm getting a ton of kills doesn't mean you get a good kd you could nail 32 a match but die 27 times 32 is still a ton of kills or you can nest out get 7 kills and 1 death and have a high kd ratio as earlier i'm rushing the RSASS through it's levels(another easy to use gun) and went 21/10 and17/7 in back to back matches so a pretty good k.d without tons of kills spend a second to ponder a message before knee jerking a response

    As for the model I ran with them for half a match got 10 kills and 12 deaths on Mission kill confirmed after the first couple of deaths got the feel and can see them doing well in seatown, mission,hardhat and arkaden learning curve of about 3 minutes which involved the range and time between shots

    I also started running the ksg before buff and got 174 kills and 182 deaths but I only ever used them on two maps mission and seatown.

    I'm not saying there bad guns there pretty easy to counter once you see that run but to argue they're hard to use is an exercise in madness make sure crosshair is roughly centre mass(which is easy enough just look down a bit when you spawn) hit r1 boom bye-bye person.

    The only ones I haven't tried unless i nabbed em off the ground are the AA12 and USAs12 and i'll get to them once i've finished leveling the lmgs.

    If yourself or others feel there hard to use I really don't know what to say they're not as cheap as fmgs but they're certainly not something you need to master.

    Scratch that the only people I can imagine having trouble are spray prayers cause your down to most times just a shot before they're on you. I myself cannot get the hang of the type 95 I don't like it's sights and really hate it overall but if I see one I pick it up because I want to be conversant with all the weapons and play styles that go with them as the saying goes different strokes for different folks.

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    that's about 20 yards, so it's an outside shot in this game, but with the range proficiency, it should kill you with one shot.


    i have been using the usas12 almost exclusively this prestige just so i can rank it up... and these weapons, although easy to get kills, requires the user to change the way they play to be able to get closer than they are used to. when i ran with an mp7, if i could see you, i could kill you... with shotties, it's a little different mentality.

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    Of the dozen little trolls on Elite who call themselves "monkeylord" not troll one has anything approaching 174 kills with the KSG. Crawl back under your little troll bridge, trolly. I calls bullshit.

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    my elite name is creamedmonkey and everyone who doesn't suscribe to your train of thought isn't a troll try to open your closed mind and maybe ask my gamertag before firing off an ill informed message.

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    .74 KDR?


    Yeah, you're a regular badass with that thing. Not hard to use at all.

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    Never claimed to be a bad ass merely that its a gun you can rack up kills with and as i previously said holding a decent kd is something else all together and this was pre-buff again read before letting your knees jerk out from underneath you although common sense seems in short supply and people would rather yell troll at anyone who doesn't agree with them. As I said certain people find certain gun easier to hold a kd my RSASS is 3.38 while my AS50 is only 1.91 and yet I will go back to the AS50 once all snipers are leveld up. I don't want nor have said I want shotguns removed.

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    No I understood what you said. I just don't see the kills you were allegedly racking up with it, especially for a dude with 353 hours of gameplay.

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    I gave the number you looked at it they matched can't see where the breakdown is anyone can see just by peeking at my card. As for my hours I dont see the bearing i'm not a big shotgun user for the same reason i'm rushing the ASASS through not a style of gun/play style i'm comfertable with.

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    I put an afternoon in with the KSG last week and had 211 kills with a .85 KDR - numbers better than yours and by no means extraordinary. I primarily use shotguns and SMGs. At no point in time would I characterize the KSG as a weapon that "racked up kills." It's a decent gun, especially with the buff, and post damage maybe it's even better, I dunno.


    But I think the breakdown is in our considerably different interpretation of what constitutes "racking up kills." Your statements in the thread come off as, "I just picked this gun up, ****** around for a little bit, racked up kills, nbd. It's easy." The numbers paint a different picture.

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