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  • 60. Re: Are most of us in agreement -- MW3 is bad?

    yates435 wrote:


    I haven't played it since mid December. Popped in the disc last night. We'll see how it is in another 2 months.

    I see the next two months being buggy with poor performance.

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    PFFT!!!  MW2 was fast paced, thing is most of you d**che bags couldn't handle it. 

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    "I started playing online video games on COD4 and I am happy that MW3 wasn't made as NOOB friendly as Black Ops."


    I started on COD4 too but I disagree. MW3 is far more noob friendly than Black Ops is. MW2 was the worst online COD game with all of the hacking, 10th prestige lobbies, glitches (infinate care package and e-drops) or the commando perk lol NOOBISH times 10. Seriously Blops was far more balanced than MW3 also (quick scoping removed, no nades for 30 seconds on S&D after spawn) <- good things.

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    Definitely agree. This is terrible compared to the others. It´s the newest entry into the series and should be an improvement over the last game but it´s nothing but a downgrade!
    Can´t wait for november when Treyarch releases the next Call of Duty! Black Ops was amazing, Treyarch knows how to make a good game.

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    Why are we complaining:


    Because I just played 12 games of TDM, and was only able to finish 1 complete game! The lag is horrible. At least 4 games timed out from the horrible lag, 3 games of rage quitting from hackers, at least 3 games of the always fun "Insta killers" (either its a lag switch or throttled connection.....we have all encountered it)....no sense sticking around for that crap, and 1 random game where everybody left from a serious butt kicking and just threw me in for the instant loss...............and 1 good game at Dome!


    Total time invested: 1 1/2 hours. Total time of fun: 8 minutes.


    Wheres all the patches to take care of these problems as they occur? Why is this company not staying on top of things to make sure this game plays smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis? They dont want to spend money on dedicated servers, they dont want to pay qualified programmers to come up with frequent patches to keep the game rolling smoothly. They dont want to pay any of us (the hard core gamers) to moderate and report the various problems including glitches, exploits and even abusive or exploiting players which would without a doubt help the company to come up with quick solutions as they occur and keep the CoD community more than happy.


    What the hell do they want to pay for?

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    I took Black Ops for granted.

    The playercard, all of the sound settings, etc.


    My favorite gametype "Hardcore Headquarters", gone in MW3.



    $50 for Elite, which sucks imo, I like the player card on BOPS better.


    Not to mention, how fun zombies is when I am bored and my clan is not online.

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    Yeah, I totally agree. I took BOps for granted too. Player Card titles were soo awesome, I could spend 20 minutes creating emblems, and I didn't even have to earn my attachments/camos. Treyarch did such a great job TROLLING everyone into believing it was actually a good game.


         So you people actually liked Black Ops? I want to read some valid reasons. I'll tell you all what I like about Black Ops... Zombies, Wager Matches, & Throwing spawn hawks. What I don't like... Hit detection (getting killed after I have already turned a corner), Poorly designed maps (Even though I may Marathon Pro & Light Weight Pro, it still takes more than a minute to get to the other side of most maps), Unbalanced Perks (Flack Jacket - 2 RPG shots & claymore in Hardcore doesn't kill. I can only imagine REG.), Noob Friendly (able to purchase attachments/perks/camos at free will), and besides the fact I wasted over 60$ on a game with Cheese Camo at 14/15th prestige. Treyarch is the GOAT of trolling.


         Sure there are things about MW3 I don't like. Incomplete Elite (We still haven't received all of our entitlements - Clan Ops, Live Professional Tips, Youtube video upload capability, etc.), XM25 (people use this weapon like it's a primary),Extreme Conditioning Pro (it doesn't allow unlimited sprint? what?) sure LAG and Spawns and Blah Blah Blah. But nothing annoys me more about MW3 than all of the Noobs whining about guns and getting them nerf'd (Striker). It's a shot gun people. People want to cry about Death streaks and Support package. Death streaks let you know how bad you are beating up the other team. Support helps you (pay attention) SUPPORT your team. Stealth Bomber isn't a game changing point streak like the Pave low.


         Pro's of MW3. Earning Titles/Emblems, Earning Attachments/Camos, Gun on Gun game play, New excellent game modes, and not to mention the fact that they changed the name of Regular to Standard and Hardcore to Advanced (I play hardcore game modes, it is on a higher level of difficulty). I could go on and on.


         At the end of the day, the truth is.. You people just can't camp with Ghost/ghillie suit and a silenced Assault/SMG in a bush somewhere. Or that Blast Shield isn't as Over Powered as Flack Jacket. I'm going to cry for all of you that have wasted your parent's money on a game that you don't appreciate. Next time save their money for a game developed by Treyarch and complain about their development team.



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    MW3 is good! If you don't like it cuz you suck balls every game go back BO and stfu!

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    It's OK I reckon, there are a few issues spawing locations etc, but definatly MW2 and MW3 over black ops imo. just plays better..

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    You're joking right. That game is RETARD friendly if anything. Could not handle, lmao. All you need is an AR with tube, thumper and DC pro. Yeah hard kills man. Or yeah the always fair commando perk. Let them first make the game be an actual shooter.

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