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Surprised about being better than before the patch? This could be the resaon...


SOme Quotes of some Haxor Forums:


"ok and some codes have been patched?


    Yes alot of codes


LMFAO if you use a mod menu in a public match it just kicks every1 out and doesnt let anyone in the lobby ****! "


"THIS PATCH SUCKS OLD GRANDPAS!!!! it ****** everything up"


"As of right now i havent found 1 working code"


"DAMN IT. ******* treyarch/infinittyward/activision"


"Message, from IW:

"Our level fastfile is different from the server! Aborting connection"


Mods in public match officially confirmed non working.


I hope they fixed the game rather than just fix h4><. "


"i cant ******* get on my ******* wii frezzez every ******* time god damn

't "



Muhahaha... in ya faces, nubs!  GREAT WORK TREYARCH! I didn't think anyone could ever handle this retards