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    You are correct. For some reason I was thinking they were all 4 deaths. My mistake.

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    gallp13 wrote:


    Suggest respectfully issue is not the complaints as all views are most welcome and the game has much that is annoying.


    Rather OP started the thread to invite all to note what "I like..." and in doing so have a little light hearted fun with with a positive thread.


    There are many legitimate and serious threads that focus on those aspects of the game that are of concern to most people including, I suspect, OP. This This one was meant to be a little different and invite all to join in the fun.


    OP's reaction and I must admit my light hearted responses were an attempt to maintain the "I like" fun aspect of the thread and an enjoy a little......respite from the majority of threads on the forum that appropriately express concern about the negative aspects of the game.


    Sometimes even gallp needs unicorns and rainbows......oh well back to the "mw3 Sux because....." stuff... now should I start a thread on lag, spawns, op akimbo fmg9 that will be new and exciting for all...........hmmmm let me see;)


    Your friend..gallp

    I rather have this forum put more pressure on the developers about the spawns, lag, weapon balance, and overall performance of this game than to brown nose them like they will care about you. You are nothing but a digit to them and any chaotic uproar will make them fix any problem ASAP.


    They never fix problems or even bother with them until there are a large number of people upset about it.


    DLC being restricted to one user was addressed faster than any other problem that erupted from this game. Why? Because people went ape sh*t about it and tons threatened to never buy another CoD and would encourage friends of doing so


    I also pitched in my fun by saying the game is exhilarating with its casual-catering, repackaged gameplay. What else you want?

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    vims1990 wrote:


    I like the fact that at 6 deaths, I can pull out my C4 and get multi-kills

    Oh look, there are more out there who feel the same way.

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    It's all good ;) enjoy your day.

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    I love people that continually whine about the 'Call of Duty' series being washed up, and a mediocre shooter at best. Yet, continue to purchase the game with every release.

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    This release is much different. The first one to have terrible map creation and unfixable lag issues. At least with Black Ops when they were having the lag issues, you always had zombies to fall back on. In this game, survival (same maps as multiplayer) and spec ops (boring) are your only choice when the lag is bad which seems to be about 90% of the time. I can promise you I will never buy another game that has Infinity Ward or Sledgehammers name on it.

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