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Time to make a stand against poor service.


I don't know about you guys but I've pretty much had enough with IW and
Activision. It's gotten to the point where whenever I've loaded up MW3,
I'm either in:

1. a game full of hackers

2. a lobby laggy as hell

I should have known better when those two-faced bastards Bowling and IW
announced only P2P matches would be ranked to buy this game at all. This
is honestly the last Call of Duty game I will ever buy until they fix
the system. It is not ok for you to have a game where the system is
completely broken and unable for the players who actually want to play
the game to have no chance whatsoever to defend themselves.

At least with MW2, I had some fun even though the lag was (and still is
with MW3) atrocious and there were numerous hackers. We all knew MW3 was
going to have the same problems, yet what did the idiots at IW do?
Absolutely nothing.

I have a rather powerful computer (although it doesn't take much to run
this POS game) and so from now on, whenever I decide to torture myself
and play this game, I'm going to record every single game and record the
hackers. I'm going to bring up their steam profile and report it for
suspected cheating (not that it's going to do much). And I'm going to
upload it to YouTube, then constantly tweet new videos to Bowling, IW,
Activision, CoD, whatever... I don't care if they ignore it or not, this
has gotten seriously out of hand and we have to stand up and tell them
"This is not acceptable".

Yes, I know they don't give 2 f*** about PC gaming. Yes, many of you
will say "You mad bro?" or "QQ noob", but all I ask is that if you're
sick of all this hacking as well to make your voice heard and send
messages of your experience to:

[Call of Duty twitter | https://twitter.com/#%21/callofduty]

[Robert Bowling twitter | https://twitter.com/#%21/fourzerotwo]

If we could get a large enough response and daily response (nothing too
heavy, just once a day), I'm certain that they will have to eventually

Thanks for reading this far and I'll post the links once the videos are done.