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What type of MW3 player are you? From the following list, please choose the play style(s) that best describe the type of CoD player you usually are.
So instead of saying Camper this or camper that, everyone has their own unique playing style. Which one are you?

You may choose up to three play styles, but please do not choose more than three and please be honest.


Solo Warrior:

On the radar, your arrow is usually far away from your teammates. That's because while your team is getting mercilessly slaughtered by the enemy team, you're making your way into the area where all the enemies are. Your SITREP Pro detects the traps littered around, so you destroy them, alerting the enemy. That's when you strike and start your own massacre. You don't care about wins or loses, just you.


Run & Gun:

Always on the move, running and gunning and surviving. You don't like to be in one place for too long. You are the complete opposite of the Happy Camper.


Happy Camper:

On the battlefield, all you do is camp. There's no running around, no traveling, no ambushing the enemy.

You wait until they come to you, you snipe from your camping position, whatever.

There's no other tactic you know, but camping. The complete opposite of the Run & Gunner and a better player than the CAMPISMAXIMUS (see below).


Silent Assassin:

You lurk in the shadows and are above average at knifing. You have a silenced weapon to go with your Stalker Pro and you also like ambushing the enemy and killing them from behind. You also probably like playing Search & Destroy.



You like getting to know your enemy because using a gun just isn't personal enough. You have mastered the arts of Bōryaku (tactics), Chi-mon (geography), Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods) and Kenjutsu (sword fighting). Even if you are 30 yards away from your enemy, your knife is your first option. As the old adage goes for you “Guns are for show, knives are for pros!”


Hardcore Artist:

You enjoy the thrill of realistic warfare and play without the HUD. Hardcore all the way, you excel in a more dangerous environment. You feel that this style of game is how the whole game should be. Killcams? Who the **** needs a kill cam? You think that Core players have no skill.


Old School Soldier:

You enjoy the pure fun factor of the game, so you play a game mode that most people probably don't play very often. You were disappointed when IW removed the Old School playlists, so now you get your fill in private matches.


Heavy Firepower:

You use LMGs the most and you love using the mounted machine gun, when available.

You love running around throwing C-4 at enemy players or RPGing the living daylight out of everyone.



You are the king of kill streaks.

Whether its the common UAV, the rare AC-130 or the 25 Gun Kill MOAB, you call in lots of kill streak rewards and love using them all.


Ruthless Murderer:

It's all about the K/D ratio. Your K/D is insanely high and K/D is the only stat you care about, plain and simple.


Newbius Maximus:

You're new to the Modern Warfare Series and your K/D ratio is under 1.0 (yikes).

You're still getting used to the weapons and perks and have only completed a few challenges.

You're getting sniped cause you always walk out in the open and you get knifed at least once every match.

You also die from Martyrdom because you don't even know what it is.


Elite "Pwner":

You're very much an above average player, you're K/D is always around 2.0.

You dictate the game and usually have one of the best K/Ds in your matches.

You are also a master of stealth and knife with the best of them.

You're capable of using almost any weapon and you use most of them well.


Sharpshooting Maniac:

Words cannot describe you when you're wielding your sniper rifle. It doesn't matter if its a bolt-action or semi-automatic, with a sniper scope or ACOG, as long as its a sniper rifle you're popping skulls like there's no tomorrow.


Challenge Fanatic:

You're better than the average player but you're not elite either. You love completing challenges, especially those that involve skill or involve racking up kills. You complete challenges often and are probably one of the more creative on the battlefield.


Hot & Cold:

When you're on a roll you're blazing up the battlefield and no one can touch you, but when you're not you're getting shot left and right. When you're hot you play like the elites, but when you're cold, you look like a newbie.



It's not about the kill, it's about how you get the kill. Whether its jumping off a building and no scoping a guy in the head, or throwing a grenade through a small opening, you're all about fanciness. It's all about style for you.


Average Joe:

You're the consistently average Call of Duty player.

Your K/D ratio is always around 1.0, but never below it and you have your good days and your bad days.

There's almost never a time where you play extremely well and there's almost never a time where you falter badly.


All Talk, No Show:

You trash talk on your headset so much that it drives everyone crazy. You threaten the other team and brag about how good you are with your "insert gun here". However, when you actually get on the battlefield, you're usually the one that's getting owned.


CAMPISMAXIMUS-Translated to English as the rampant Wuss Puss:

You are afraid of death. You squirm when you see blood and you freeze up when you hear gun fire. To avoid all the mayhem, you lay down your Scrambler, place your Claymore and find a nice secluded spot to hide in.
If lady luck is kind to you, you will make it through the entire round without dying.


Team Player:

No matter what, the objective comes first for you and you have a high W/L. Whether you're trying to win Domination matches as quickly as possible or running headlong into an HQ to try and capture it. Even if you have a below average K/D, you find satisfaction in the fact that you helped your team win and you care more about your W/L than your K/D.



You'll use whatever gun you think can best get the job done and you don't care what anyone else says. If you think sitting back and sniping will get you the win, you'll snipe. If you think rushing into enemy territory with a shotgun will help the team, you'll do it. If you think the grenade launcher is your best bet, you'll gladly use it. You're also not afraid to mix things up and improvise by picking up other players' guns, or by setting up a class with guns, attachments and perks that you wouldn't normally use.


Calm Tactician:

You are one that is familiar with the battlefield and your "training" keeps you calm. You don't panic when you're all alone and always keep your wits about you. You quickly assess the situation and take the appropriate action(s) in order to achieve victory.


"Faux-leet" (Fo-leet):

You think you are better than you actually are and constantly pull out your pistol, usually a Desert Eagle. You also chase down people to knife them when a good bullet to the back of the head will work. However you usually end up getting knifed or shot yourself.



You play just for the fun of it. You use your favorite weapons, favorite perks, favorite attachments and rarely mix things up. You don't take the game too seriously and you don't care what anyone else says about you, because you're just playing for fun and you think others take the game too serious.



You like to travel. You move around, but you also like to take time out and take in the "scenery". There is no area on the map you haven't visited, nor is there any building or camping spot that you haven't stayed in.


Halo Hopper aka The Leaping Idiot

You play like this is Halo and you jump around, use shotguns like nuts, try no scoping whenever possible, and throw your grenades as if you could pick more up later. You also get many of your kills by hitting people with frags/special grenades. You only play this because this is what your friends started playing. 90 percent of the killcams you are on is because you tried to leap like an idiot and get folded in mid flight. Live or die, this is your style fo’ life yo!


Rainbow One:

You are so used to Rainbow Six Vegas, that burst/fully automatic guns are your specialty and you tend to use cover and corners as much as possible. You also haven't grasped the concept of wall penetration and often give up on a kill if it runs and hides away. Team tactics are your friend, but you are often left the worst on your team. You love smoke grenades and night vision, even when not needed.


2 Attakimbo Slice:

2 Attachments and/or Akimbo are your new favorite toys. Whether you're sneaking around using a dot sight with a silencer, or blasting away with dual FMGs, you just love these new additions and use them as often as you like.
Even if you're playing poorly, you'll stick with them because they're so much fun.


Air Defense:

Nothing survives long in the air while you are in the game. If you are not running with a Stinger in your class and a Air Support Killstreak reward is called in you will kill yourself (usually with a grenade) and respawn with your class equipped with the Stinger. Your team mates love you and the enemy hates you. You live to hear the warble of the lock on tone. You are the original 'No Fly Zone' Warrior.