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Can't Join/Create a Party With Friends. 'Unable to join game session'  or  'Unable to Connect to host'

99.99% of the time when i try to form a group with a friend in this game, it will refuse to work at all. If a friend tries to join a game im already in, it will dc both of us. Same with if i try to join their game. I also get the 'cannot connect to online services' message. That message is only like 95% of the time though. Still EXTREMELY annoying.


I was on the free weekend account at first, thinking it was something like, you can't be free-to-play and party with the ptp people. So i buy the game, and it still ***** up constantly.


Last night we finally got it to work for 3-4 hours. This morning, we wake up and try again, but no... it refuses to let us into a group again. WTF is up with this ****?


I've tried all the 3 month old tips and tricks for fixing it. Portforwarding, upnp on, upnp off, restarting steam/computer/router/modem, changing default gateway ip address, changing personal ip address. Nothing is working, it is 100% random.


How do i fix this? It's getting old really fcuking fast. The hackers are bad enough, but not being able to even group with friends...what the ****.