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I'm Convinced- People Don't Even Know What Scrambler Does

Since I'm not yet 45 for trophy, I've put scramber on a bunch of my classes.


For those of you that don't know, scrambler obviously blocks enemies radars within it's proximity, but more importantly, its area also keeps you safe from air support and sentries- essentially blind eye perk in a tactical.


I've literally seen people 10 metres away from me run outside of its range then get eaten by a pave low or cobra. I'm 90% sure it works for allies because I've never seen an ally inside get detected.


I'm actually really surprised; I've used it in dom when I've seen preds incoming, they go for the flag I'm capping, I put up a scrambler and the red box disappears, then they divert because they think I died.


edit: The really annoying thing is I never get progress towards scrambler challenges. In my opinion they should change them so killing killstreaks while in it and killing other people while you're in it count.