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What's your play style?

Mine? Well it's confusing. If you were to see me play on MW3, rushing without a doubt.

On all the previous titles bar CoD 4? Camping.


MW3 doesn't cater to my play style of sitting in a room or a rooftop with height advantage, taking out the opposition below. I'm forced to rush. The places with the height advantage are rare and have about 10 billion entrances.

This is the main reason I do not like this game, I can't play the way I'm sutied to, and it's frustrating.


In the old CoD's, I would sit back with an LMG or an A/R and move slowly from building to building, gaining the height advantage. In fact, in MW2 in almost every game I try and gain the height advantage. I like this style of play, for me, it's fun. MW3? Rush, rush, rush. I even use shotguns, something I hardly ever used before.

I don't like running around, that's not the way i'm suited for. I like going into buildings with cover. MW3 is a mess, way to fast paced and all the maps have hardly any height advantage!


Anyway, what's your play style?