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Looking for a PS3 Clan


Hey guys, So I am looking for a clan on the ps3. I am decently skilled with a 1.6 K/D ratio and a positive W/L ratio. I am a casual player but can also play competetively. I will do as im told and I typically switch between UAV kill streaks to offensive killstreaks.. I am looking for a clan that doesnt play HC.


I am looking for these current game modes at the most:


Kill Confirmed



Search And Destroy (My last choice of modes)

Headquarters (I guess)

Ground War (But only if need be)

Team Tactical (One of my favs)


All NOT HC.. Add LxKiLLSWiTCHxL or comment below with your PSN. I HAVE A HEADSET!!

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    Invited to The1 clan

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    i will inv u 2 delta if u want ?

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    Tactical Gaming is recruiting.  Check us out at http://tw.tghq.org

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    YouOnly_LiveOnce is a clan im just starting. I always play kill confirmed. Look me up or my clan if youd like

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    still searching

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    Brand new clan, all about fun but can play to win. Were new but if your willing to climb up with us you might like it. Check out the site at least

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    Xiled Gamers is recruiting. http://xiledgamers.moonfruit.com

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    Gamers Anonymous

    We are still looking for recruits, we have a fair few requirements as we are a small clan and only want members that will fit in with what we already have going on.



    • You must be 17+ years old,
    • Live in the United Kingdom,
    • Have a microphone,
    • Be mature,
    • Be active (Our main playing time is 20:00-24:00 GMT),
    • Have a K/D of 1.6 or above,
    • Be a minimum of prestiege 3 (Or prestiege 2, level 80).

    Visit us:



    We are not in any GamerBattles, Ladders or MLGs. We do not intend to be any time soon, we are essentially a fun clan, but we do not like to lose, we play to win every game. We do / will take part in the following:

    • Clan matches,
    • Inter-clan competitions,
    • Elite challenges & competitions,
    • Practices (Non compulsory)


    About us:

    The clan was formed by spank2103 April 2010. We played as a small group of friends with another clan the remaining time that BlackOps was our primary game. On the release of Modern Warfare 3, we decided to expand on the already solid foundation we had in place. We have had alot of interest in the clan so sorting through all the applications and trials has been a lengthly process but at the end has provided some really talented, fun and all round good guys.

    All of our members are from the United Kingdom, majority of which are English, we are all between the age of 17-35, average age is probably between like 21-24.

    We are now up to about 16-18 members, our average clan K/D is 1.84 and our score per minute is 276.67.

    We play mainly Team death match and Team defender this is where we spend probably 80% of our time. We also play Kill confirmed, Domination and Moshpit (All CORE).


    How to Apply:

    If you are still reading after all that text, I'm guessing you have liked what you've seen so far and may be wondering what you have to do to get into such an awesome clan? Since we have such a large amount of messages regarding joining the clan we are only taking applications via our website now to try and relieve the pressure from my PSN mailbox.


    > www.gamersanonymous.co.uk,

    > Forums,

    > Recruitment (read / copy the template),

    > Create your own thread,

    > Paste the template and fill it out accordingly,

    > Wait for a reply / friend request from Spank2103.

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    Tactical Gaming

    Looking for a military style clan? A friendly community? A clan that doesn't really look at how good you are, or your ability to play? If you are still interested then read on!


    Tactical Gaming, founded in November of 2004, is a community home to over 2000+ gaming members. The whole reason why Tactical Gaming was created was to bring like-minded gamers together in a calm, level minded environment for people to enjoy and always have someone to play with. We consist of mature, well rounded, respectful members.



    Organization is key to being successful, and here at Tactical Gaming we do not lack organization. We follow a very strict military style Chain of Command (CoC). Through the CoC is how we deal with problems that any one member may have whilst they are here in Tactical Gaming. I can almost guarantee a response or an answer within 24 hours if you use the CoC correctly.


    Why Join TG?

    Well, read above! Look at what we have to offer. If that isn't enough, then I can also mention that we support twelve different games over three different consoles! So if you ever got tired of Call of Duty and wanted to play another game, you could always make a Division transfer to another game that we support and still be associated with Tactical Gaming! I mean come on, what other clan has over 2000+ members spread out over 12 different games? None that I know of! So what are you waiting on?!


    If you want to join, and are wondering how to join, read below!


    How to Join TG!

    Well, if you are reading the information below, then I guess you have made a wise choice, or you are just wanting to see how I well I am at typing. None the less, if you are wanting to join, you have made a very wise choice! Information on joining is as follows;


    Go to the website: http://tw.tghq.org


    Read the regulations. You'll see that we are AGAINST cheating.


    Fill out the form!




    Tell them JJMillwall sent you to help speed things up! (Put that in the referred box).

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    Infamous Assassins Recruiting for XBOX 360 & PS3Infamous Assassins is a multi-platform clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to.

    We focus mainly on Call of Duty and Battfield Series, but we will have a number of members on other games like Halo, Gears of War, Socom & Killzone Series. We are looking for members and leaders to lead our members.

    We accept members from all over the world. We dont care if your from America, Europe, Asia or somewhere in between. All are welcome.

    Here are some of the thing that go on in the Infamous Assassins:

    >> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members

    >> An active chatbox with people to always talk to

    >> A mature group of members always online to play with

    >> Tournaments with prizes for the winner and good performances

    >> Gamebattles Team for members that are into competitive gaming

    >> A progressive ranking system for our active members

    >> An active forum with new topics every day

    >> Updates for the newest and hottest games out

    >> Random Give Aways of microsoft points / XBL gold memberships and PSN cards!

    >> Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter

    So come check us out at www.InfamousAssassins.com and fill out an application. If you need any help or have problems please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks for taking the time and checking us out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    kurd EMBRATOR


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    KmS (Killers Move Silently) is now recruiting! We’re a Playstation 3 based clan looking to expand with more players. We have players from EU & NA alike. Currently we are on Modern Warfare 3 and going to expand and move over to Black Ops 2 in November. We are also a level 30 clan on Elite.

    When you apply to KmS you’ll go through an EVAL process period where you’ll be evaluated (btw, thats where EVAL comes from) by our best here at KmS.

    Basic Requirements:

    Microphone is required; we’re a team, so communication is key.

    Minimum age requirement is 16.

    Staying active on the site is important to ensure you get/stay in the clan.

    On your application you’ll be asked who referred you to the website.

    [havoc-ilildragon] will be your referrer.


    Come check our website, register on the site and get the template here to apply or alternatively use the application forms bar on the forums:


    We do not tolerate bad mouthing against other clans/players, we are here to play video games and have fun not make people feel bad. Calling someone a try-hard is acceptable though.

    From our gamers here,

    Killers Move Silently