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Porkins' MW3 Guide of Fun :D

Since the first day of MW3 release I have been working on this thread and posting my opinions on guns, perks, equipment, etc. As far as maps I originally planned on it, but I saw Grom do his view on 8 maps and he does a better job then I, so maybe he'll be gracious enough to post it here. As far as experimenting I have even used guns I wouldn't normally use to try and gain experience on the subject. I've tried to make a nice detailed thread about all the stuff and I tried to finish it before Christmas, but I've obviously failed, but enough useless jibber jabber here you go...



Wait a minute, these are my PERSONAL OPINIONS, based off of experience keep that in mind, I don't mind facts, but don't correct me on my OPINIONS, it's mean.. :(




M4A1: No need to unlock this gun because you have it in the beginning. As far as ease of use this gun is pretty easy to use and enjoy. It doesn't jump out as a good weapon because it's about as balanced as they come. Don't underestimate it though, in the right players hands it

could be used dangerously.

Attachments: Any

Iron Sight: In my opinion the iron sights aren't bad, but I wouldn't say they're good. I use red dot.

Rating: 7 out of 10, Overall balanced gun.


M16A4:  A gun only a pro could love. Scratch that, this gun is pretty much irrelevant. Unlocked immediately, but that doesn't help it much. At close range, you're completely out gunned easily by a machine pistol or other primary. However, steady aim can help in this department, but not much. If you're in a sniper battle at long range you'll likely lose since it takes 2-4 bursts at long range to kill. If you want to use this gun, I advise keeping cover between you and your opponent and I wish you luck.

Attachments: I'd use a red dot or scope of some sort. I used hybrid sight and it's most effective on this gun. Rapid fire is very useful and I highly suggest.

Iron Sights: The third prong ruins it. I was fine with BO's, but these drive me crazy. Red Dot required.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, it still kills, but is pretty bad.


Scar-L: Plenty of people throw this gun in the trash heap, but I suggest taking a second look at this gun. A medium rate of fire with slightly above average damage and average range of an assault rifle. This gun will easily get smashed by an SMG at close range, so I advise against high speed run 'n gun, but moving around the map at a moderate pace compliments the gun well. If you are a window camper this gun isn't bad either.

Attachments: Silencer and Kick are all I need for this gun.

Iron Sights: At first look these iron sights seem to limit your view, but I am fine with them, I'm curious on other opinions of this.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 I like this gun and I find it very effective at the role I give it.


CM901: Yawn, slow rate of fire and high damage sounds pretty boring. I find it boring also, but it has strong points to it. The slow rate of fire isn't as slow as the stats show. In game it is clearly a slow fire rate, but not so much making a semi-auto better. Very effective for use of picking off careless run 'n gunners. (Camping in a corner not recommended)

Attachments: A red dot and silencer fit it well.

Iron Sights: They're fine, but a red dot improves it since the recoil isn't overly crazy.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10, Not very special and is easily outclassed, but does have some upsides.


Type 95: Besides being considered over powered, I'll try and not include my OP bias in this review. The commonly referred OP characteristic of the gun is its ease of hip firing. At close range one burst will usually do the job. At long range though I hear people saying it is still 1-3 bursts to kill, but when I use it I seem to experience the opposite. I can easily recall multiple accounts of frustratingly shooting 5-6 bursts at long range and finally getting the kill. Granted there aren't many long ranges in MW3, but three round burst weapons are meant to have good range, and I almost feel disappointed by it. It is very effective though and commonly used so it isn't a bad weapon.

Attachments: Rapid fire isn't necessary, but improves it. Red dot is required.

Iron Sights: The thing is a rectangle inside a rectangle, I need red dot.

Rating: 9 out of 10, May be powerful, but a rapid fire SMG can kill it easily at close range.


G36C:  Another overall standard gun. Looking at the green bars, it's looking pretty similar to the M4A1, but from my experience it has better damage than the M4. Only problem with this gun is its recoil, even with Kick equipped there is an obvious upward recoil and it's very easy for me to use a whole magazine on an enemy to kill them. I use it very effectively though,  so I recommend it and I even have a custom class for it currently.

Attachments: Red Dot and kick are required for me.

Iron Sights: A wide circle within a slightly wider circle drives me crazy. Red dot needed.

Rating: 8 out of 10, better than M4, but not by much.


ACR 6.8: Currently this is my favorite assault rifle. It's rate of fire is a bit slow, but the damage is increased. I use this weapon very well on maps like Mission and Fallen and it is very good at a medium-long range. It is bad at close range either or at least you won't necessarily be handcuffed by an SMG coming at you. Another plus is little recoil.

Attachments: Silencer and Kick gives me very, very, very little recoil and stealth.

Iron Sights: Fine for me.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10, Great weapon.


MK14: This gun is your semi auto assault rifle for the game, and it's a pretty good one. This gun is good at picking off players from a long distance, and one could even spam (semi auto spray) it up close if that's up your alley. High damage as expected from a semi auto and all in all a pretty good weapon.

Attachments: I use a red dot just for kicks.

Iron Sights: They aren't bad, but at the same time they're not good. Red dot optional.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10, being semi auto generally makes for a low rating.


AK-47: Everyones favorite gun is making its heroic return in MW3 without many changes to it. This assault rifle as always is medium fire rate, high damage, with less than normal accuracy. One thing I notice different is it's been given some odd recoil to it making it go up and to the side. The Kick proficiency can easily take care of this though.

Attachments: Silencer and Kick work fine for me.

Iron Sights: More like MWR and I'm fine with.

Rating: 8 out of 10, the recoil puts a burden on the user.


FAD: The FAMAS type assault rifle of the game, high rate of fire. Unlike BO though this gun doesn't have average damage and range. From my experience with this gun I see a lot of bullets required to kill, not typical assault rifle range, and some recoil to top it all off. The FAD is still a great gun though, it is a perfect medium range weapon that can be used at a longish range, but not recommended.

Attachments: Red dot and Kick

Iron Sights: Very awkward.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, worth waiting for the high unlock level.


MP5: This has to be one of my greatest disappointments in the game. This gun is nothing like the one I fondly remember on MWR. This gun does have high damage, but has a slow rate of fire and high recoil even with Kick. For an SMG this gun is very limited even at close range. I never saw myself saying this, but rapid fire helps a lot without making it even close to OP.

Attachments: Red Dot and Kick or Red Dot and rapid fire.

Iron Sights: Not bad, but with the recoil they don't pair well. Red dot highly recommended.

Rating: 6 out of 10, very easily outclassed even by an AR.


UMP45: Being in the same weapon category as the PP90M1 and the P90 this SMG seems unfairly underused. It's got decent range for an SMG and good damage with still a good rate of fire with slight recoil. This gun is rarely touched and I truly do not see why.

Attachments: Silencer and Kick make it have virtually no recoil.

Iron Sights: Suit the gun well.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, I use this gun all the time.


PP90M1: Oh jeez, umm,      hmm....

So this gun is widely considered OP, and I agree, but I'll say it anyways. This gun has a very high rate of fire and very good for hip firing. Good damage, but has large damage drop off at a range. Yeah, I'm sure many of you have used it and I don't see why I should waste my time saying its uses.

Attachments: Silencer works fine

Iron Sights: Fine

Rating: 9 out of 10, bad range.


P90: A fan favorite from MWR brought back just to torture other run 'n gunners. Not as powerful as PP90M1, but the large magazine size makes it absolutely perfect for spraying. Widely used and like the PP90M1, I'm sure you've all used it enough to tell me about it better than I could.

Attachments: Red dot helps

Iron Sights: Not bad, but just feel weird.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, not as good as PP90M1.


PM-9: Nobody uses this gun, and again I don't see why not. It has similar fire rate as PP90M1 with some wicked yet predictable recoil. I shall compare it with the Kiparis in Black Ops, it is by no means a bad gun, but it's not for everybody. The range from my experience is even better than PP90M1.

Attachments: I use red dot, but I don't even know why iron sights are good.

Iron Sights: Good, but I use red dot for some reason.

Rating: 8 out of 10, not bad, but still not the best.


MP7: This gun is a slayer. If you want a counter to the PP90M1 then this gun is your answer. It's rate of fire is less than PP90M1, but has better range. I'd say bullet damage is identical, but the sprays biliary is lesser. I think if this gun had a lower unlock level it may be considered OP.

Attachments: Red dot is perfect.

Iron Sights: Good, but red dot is an upgrade.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, PP90M1 counter.


L86 LSW: LMG fun time is beginning. This gun has great range and high rate of fire which is suit to LMGs. This gun does have left to right recoil though which makes it oh so frustrating.

Attachments: Red dot and Kick

Iron Sights: A "U" with a straight bottom, paired with recoil it's not fun.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, LMGs are out of place in MW3.


MG36: Typical machine gun with long range and high rate of fire, but this one has a higher high rate of fire than other LMGs, yet less recoil then the L86 in my experience. There is still the hated left to right recoil though making it annoying. Also has the fastest reload of all LMGs.

Attachments: Grip

Iron Sights: Not great, but red dot makes recoil more noticeable.

Rating: 7 out of 10, better than L86 LSW, but not by much.


PKP Pecheneg: Despite the odd name this gun looks and sounds flipping awesome. If only that made it a better weapon. I'd say it's similar to the L86 LSW with less recoil though, but still the cursed side to side recoil.

Attachments: Grip and Red Dot

Iron Sights: Just doesn't fit right.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, not very good, but looks cool.


MK46: Reminds me so much of the M249 SAW from MWR. A below average high rate of fire in the LMGs and a refresher of controllable recoil. It's a good gun, but as I've said LMGs are out of place in the close quarters combat of MW3.

Attachments: Grip and Kick

Iron Sights: I'm fine with them.

Rating: 7 out of 10, best LMG, but not worthy of a 7.5 rating.


M60E4: I looked at the green bars in game and do not agree. They say it has a high rate of fire, but I disagree and I'll say it's slightly faster than MK46, but this gun still isn't overly good and I can't put my finger on it. So I have to blame the recoil, but it isn't overly bad. I also see it as being bad because red dot and iron sights are not good.

Attachments: Grip and Red Dot

Iron Sights: Not good

Rating: 7 out of 10, good on the assault juggernaut though.


*****Quick Note on snipers I won't put attachments because ACOG is always optional and there aren't iron sights.*****


Barrett .50 Cal: Claimed by some to be the best SMG  in the game for its ease of spamming. A nice ten bullet magazine and an unnoticeable fire cap make it ideal. With that aside though I like it, it's a classic from MWR, and is still as beastly as I remember. Great damage almost always a one hit kill. The green bars say it's less accurate, but I haven't noticed.

Rating: 7 out of 10, good sniper rifle.


L118A: This is bolt action number one, and we are starting off with a not so good one. One hit kills are about a 60-70 percent chance and it's bolt action making the follow up slow to come out. Bolt actions do have a nice rhythm to them, but usually they one shot kill. I'm not a sniper, but I'm not feeling for this gun.

Rating: 6 out of 10


Dragunov: The classy always present Dragunov makes another return. This gun is seldom a one shot kill, but being semi auto makes the finishing bullet faster to get out. Unlike in Black Ops you won't get the occasional three shots to kill. I enjoy the upgrade and it's always good to see this gun in the game.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, better than L118A in my opinion.


AS50: The evil twin of the Barrett I have to say, but has a smaller magazine size of 5 compared to 10. This dampers the gun, but doesn't overly worry me, the AS50 is still a good choice to snipe with.

Rating: 7 out of 10, I did say they were twins.


RSASS: This is a sniper rifle? Ok I guess it is. It is semi auto with I believe a 20 round magazine and is almost like an MK14 with a scope. As far as shots to kill I have gotten a one shot kill almost never so don't expect it. On the positive side though in my limited gameplay I didn't get three **** kills. I couldn't stand using this gun though, I felt like pulling out my hair because it's not good for assault, but not good for sniping either. So there may be three shot kills.

Rating: 6 out of 10, I wouldn't consider it a sniper.


MSR: Bolt action number two and the better option easily. More one shot kills and the rare two shot kill. This gun just has a better feel to it also, but if I had to pick a gun to snipe with it'd still have to be AS50, or Barrett.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, good sniper, but not as good as the .50 cals.


USAS 12: It is automatic, but it isn't fast whatsoever. It is generally a two shot kill, but at longer ranges you could waste your whole magazine on them and not get a kill. I've never gotten a shot kill, so I can't give an overly high rating since a shotgun should be one shot kill at close range.

Attachments: Extended Mags and Range

Iron Sights: Circle inside circle is fine on this gun.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, has its places, but isn't always the best option.


KSG 12: Let me let out a sigh of relief of being done using this thing. It is so frustrating to have a pump action shotgun not one hit kill at a close range. It did one shot kill most of the time, but I can recall countless times where I shoot have to pump and end up watching myself die. Hip fire or ADS it didn't matter the one hit kill didn't happen on occasions which I find inexcusable in a shotgun. It does have a considerably large amount of bullet capacity.

Attachments: Extended mags and Range.

Iron Sights: Ok

Rating: 6 out of 10, frustrating and disappointing.


Spas-12: Pump action shotgun that also had the very rare two shot kill at close range, but equally frustrating. I really think these two pump shotguns need a buff in this game because they are weak.

Attachments: Extended mags and Range

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, better than KSG, but still frustrating.


AA-12: Another frustration. This is another automatic shotgun, but this one has higher fire rate. No worries though they made sure to lower damage and range. You will be shooting a barrage of bullets into your enemy, but a times you'll shoot your eight round magazine and find your opponent alive. It's intimidating seeing all those bullets flying at you, but they aren't overly effective.

Attachments: Extended nagas and Range

Iron Sights: Fine

Rating: 6 out if 10, high RoF nuisance.


Striker: Finally a useful shotgun. I recently have seen complaints of it being OP. I am still on the fence about it though. It's a semi auto shotgun with a large clip great for spamming, but the other shotguns are pretty weak making this a shotty users only good gun to use. Either way it's got food damage along with semi auto capabilities.

Attachments: Extended mags and Range

Iron Sights: Fine

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, can contend with SMGs.


Model 1887: Time to go old school with this lever action beauty. If you like pump action shotguns I suggest ditching the two in this game and trying the Model 1887's similar lever action. This is a one shot kill at a longer range than Spas-12 and KSG 12 making it my obvious choice of pump/lever action.

Attachments:  Range Proficiency, there are no attachments.

Iron Sights: No choice to change anyways, but not bad.

Rating: 7 out of 10, not a bad shotty choice.


Riot Shield: This primary isn't exactly the best choice to make, but I can't say it's not fun to use. Deflecting bullets is so much fun and having on your back gives you some extra protection against creepers trying to sneak up on you from behind. It takes to hits to kill, but if you can manage to kill someone with your riot shield it makes you feel like a monster.

Attachments: Use Melee proficiency.

Rating: 5 out of 10, not practical for killing, but it is fun.




FMG9: This machine pistol means business, it is shaped like a briefcase and is more up tight than a lawyer. It has a high rate of fire and decent damage making it your best choice for a secondary. It also doesn't need to be unlocked making it easily accessible and widely over used. The recoil is also predictable on this gun.

Attachments: Silencer

Iron Sights: Fine

Rating: 8.5 out of 10, this thing is at times better than SMGs.


MP9: This gun isn't close to comparison with the FMG9, but if used correctly it is a force to be reckoned with. If you don't try using it as your primary than you can go pretty far with it. Not much recoil and a decent rate of fire make it a valid option.

Attachments: Silencer will work well

Iron Sights: At first they looked bad, but now that I've used them some more they aren't  that bad.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10, won't be mistaken as a primary, but could get you somewhere as a secondary.


Skorpion: As a primary this gun was a joke of an SMG. Now that it's a secondary it seems to have a better role in CoD. It's got a pretty slow rate of fire, but it's damage is great at close range. The damage will decrease greatly at a range and will make this weapon seem irrelevant. I would disagree and say it's a good option for close range, maybe a secondary on a shotgun class to finish off an opponent.

Attachments: Red dot or silencer

Iron Sights: Aren't bad, but I feel red dot is an upgrade.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10, not the best option, but has some brights spots.


G18: The beloved Glock has made a return in MW3. From what I've heard the G18 was pretty powerful in MW2, and it hasn't changed much. This thing's rate of fire is super super fast with super super recoil. However, it's predictable just going upward so it's still a good option for me. It also looks pretty awesome.

Attachments: Extended mags, it's regularly a 20 bullet magazine I believe.

Iron Sights: Not the best, but the red dot looks so tacky.

Rating: 7 out of 10, a deadly secondary.


*****Quick Note on pistols the iron sights can't be changed and attachment is your own personal preference, all have upsides.*****


USP .45: First pistol given in Create a Class. I don't see this gun as good; I've had several occasions where I try to use it as a finisher, and it still takes two to three bullets sometimes. So I see this being as an irrelevant pistol, but it looks pretty cool.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10, has uses, but other pistols are better.


P99: Very alike to the USP .45, but to me it seems to have better damage even though the green stat bars don't agree with me. This pistol also has one more bullet in its magazine than the USP.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10, better than USP, but I can't say by much.


MP412: Revolver number one, and I must say it is very underused. Well most pistols are underused, but this thing is good. It kills with 2-3 shots even without prior damage. The down side is that it takes some time to reload and it's got weird recoil going up and to the left. It looks really weird, but if you can get past it than it can be used effectively.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10, great damage, but recoil is awkward.


.44 Magnum: Similar to the MP412 above, but the recoil isn't as odd, it does the typical upwards kick back to it making it easier to adapt to. Like the other revolver, this revolver is also a 2-3 shot kill, and is a great finisher.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10, I prefer this over the MP412, but they are very similar.


Five Seven: Don't let the high unlock level fool you, this gun's damage is exactly the same ad the USP and P99. The reason I'm seeing it being a high unlock has to be the magazine size. I believe it is 15, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't see reloading non-revolver pistols as a problem though since it's pretty fast.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10, not worth the high unlock level.


Desert Eagle: An IW game isn't complete without this trade mark pistol. Hasn't made many changes from MWR, except it looks a bit wimpier. That's just my opinion though, it's definitely the best pistol having similar damage to the revolvers, and it doesn't have the slow reload of a revolver.

Rating: 6 out of 10, best pistol.


*****Quick Note launchers don't have any attachments, plus I won't be giving ratings since uses vary.*****


SMAW: The launcher equivalent to the M72 LAW on Black Ops. It can be used to lock on to aircraft, but can also be free fired. Only has one rocket without Scavenger so use it wisely.


Javelin: This launcher is so awesome. It can lock onto aircraft, but it can also lock on to a remote point and shoots high up into the sky. Then into plummets down and has very high explosive damage on the area. It is very useful to shoot on a high traffic area. Only problem is it takes some time to lock on, but Blind Eye Pro speeds up the time required to lock on. Also has only one rocket.


Stinger: Typical anti-aircraft launcher that cannot be free fired. Has 2 rockets though so its obviously better than the SMAW when it comes to shooting down aircraft.


XM25: A scoped noob tube with a 4 round magazine. Has a slow reload and very low damage, it takes a minimum of two blasts to kill, and I've had a maximum of 5 without the enemy using Blast Shield. This launcher also has the ability to set the distance that you want it to detonate, but I still don't see much if a use for it. This launcher for me is useless.


M320 GLM: Typical noob tube. I'd compare this to the China Lake, but this is easier to use. I haven't seen a single person use it, and I don't see why anyone should use it. Noob tubes aren't even that good in this game, I'm not just saying not to use it because it's nooby, I'm just saying its bad. Usually takes both of your tubes to kill the enemy.


RPG-7: This is your best option for a launcher. It doesn't lock on to aircraft, but isn't impossible to shoot down larger aircraft. This gun is your best option to shoot at enemies with good damage and relatively straight flight with 2 rockets.


Lethal Equipment:


Frag: Basic lethal grenade that can be cooked and rolls on MW3. From my experience it can also be thrown farther than semtex.


Semtex: Able to stick to surfaces, and has same blast  radius and damage as frag. Can't be thrown as far, but if you stick it to a riot shield it kills the victim.


Throwing Knife: One hit kill, but mostly for tricksters.


Bouncing Betty: The range of detonation is very small and is avoidable by going prone. However, a positive is the blast will effect people anywhere around the betty. These things aren't all that useless, but a well placed claymore is much more effective.


Claymore: Cannot be avoided and has better range of detonation than the betty. Only effects people facing the front of the claymore so if the sly enemy can get behind it, the claymore won't kill him. Overall though I have to say the claymore is better.


C4: The C4 can be thrown pretty far and also has a nice blast radius. In certain situations C4 is the best lethal, but the long animation of throwing and then detonating can at times leave you at a disadvantage. Using C4 is a good way to mix up your gameplay and make it spicier.




Flash: Isn't as effective as the stun, but gets plenty of hitmarkers. This is good to use strategically with hardline pro because you get an assist if the opponent is killed and to assists will build up your pointstreak. As far as the flashing effect, it isn't the most effective since the opponent can still run and spray if they have an idea where your coming from. Also has a timed fuse so it can detonate uselessly in midair so you can't throw over long ranges.


Stun: Slightly flashes the view of the opponent, but most effectively, it slows down the enemy and slows down the enemies ability to turn. So this is great for flanking from behind. The stun also won't detonate until hitting the ground so it's great for long range throwing. Better than flash in my opinion.


Scrambler: I consider this useless. Sure it disables the enemies radar and could help you surprise attack, but smarter players no that you're nearby if they see your scrambler, and could make you look silly. If there are any other good uses feel free to suggest, but I still think its useless.


EMP: Disables all enemy pointstreaks, but the effect on players isn't overly useful. If slightly flashes, but also disables map and HUD. It also makes the opponents see like static for a brief period of time, but these things are more of a pain than actually useful. Another thing is it has a timed fuse so it can detonate in the air.


Smoke: This one is much better than Black Ops' steam grenade. This makes an actual smoke good for hiding inside of. Good for throwing on a domination flag and capturing, but it obviously won't protect from a thrown grenade. It is useful, but wouldn't be my first pick to use.


Trophy System: This is great to place on a Domination flag or bomb site to capture or plant. It will stop an explosion at a distance so it won't kill you, but it may still damage you. It will only work on two explosives though. It's not bad, but it's used are limited.


Tactical Insertion: This is good on Capture the Flag and Demolition to eliminate running distance. It lets you spawn where you place it, but it can really backlash if someone spots it and decides to camp out near it waiting for you to spawn and you get double killed. Always fun when that happens, but otherwise they are great in Demolition and Capture the Flag.


Portable Radar: Good to place in a high traffic area and it is available for view to the entire team so it's very team friendly. I see nothing bad about it, but I still think a stun works best.




1st Tier:


Recon: The non-pro is pretty useless, but if you have the patience to get Recon Pro, then you can be very team friendly. I think this is a sniper's perk. You don't kill in one shot you've shown your team where to finish him off. It could work in any class if you want to help your team, but some other first tiers are a better option.


Sleight of Hand: Faster reload is always useful, and this one is no exception. The pro is good for switching to a weapon that takes some time to prepare like a launcher. It also lets you pick up weapons faster off the ground. A good option for any class.


Blind Eye: At this point in the game this perk is pretty useless. The air support and sentry guns are terrible in this game so being undetected doesn't really help you much. If you love shooting down aircraft the pro version will put you a step ahead, but usually when shooting down an aircraft you're not in an area where enemies are, so the faster lock on isn't overly useful. One use I've found is that the Javelin locks on faster to a location, but that is the biggest use for me.


Extreme Conditioning: Every objective player's friend. It gets you between one point to another faster by letting you sprint for longer distances. Best in CTF. The pro version will let you climb obstacles faster and just overall let's you get around faster. It's useful, but Sleight of Hand is a better option.


Scavenger: In MW3 one problem I notice is running out of ammo. Scavenger pro will give you maximum ammo to start, and it also let's you pick up ammo from dead players. If you have a weapon you love and don't want to have to drop it and pick up another weapon than use Scavenger.


2nd Tier:



QuickDraw: I don't use QuickDraw for faster aiming down sights, but rather for faster equipment use on the pro version. In MW3 these grenades are thrown so slowly, it's so useful to be able to throw them out quickly. It will also ready your trophy system or tactical insertion faster, so I think it's great.


Blast Shield: Increased explosive resistance is great on paper, but explosives aren't very powerful on the game at all. The pro version doesn't really help so I say it's useless, but it's good for planting a bomb or capping a flag. It's also useful for players who can't avoid running through high traffic areas.


Hardline: 1 less point for your pointstreak seems pretty useless, but 2 assists counting as a point is very useful for getting pointstreaks. So as I said the pro is great to use with flashes because of all the hitmarkers you get. This is a useful perk in any class.


Assassin: Drives me crazy. When using it you don't realize it, but it saves you many times. It prevents Marksman from seeing you in the pro version, but you also aren't on UAVs. I don't like it, but it is useful.


Overkill: This is useful except in in instance for me. The second primary being a riot shield is great. Other than that using an SMG and having a sniper rifle as a secondary sounds great, but it just doesn't work. If you've ever tried it you'll notice it just doesn't work well.


Marksman: If you have bad eyesight like me, then this is your third tier perk on a long range class. This perk also helps you see people you probably wouldn't normally see in the first place. The pro is perfect for snipers with longer breath holding, but you don't need a sniper rifle to use this. It also shows people through leaves, branches, and certain thin surfaces. I really like it.


Stalker: Allows you to move fast while aiming down the sight, and this is great for an SMG class. The pro slows betty and claymore detonation so if you're a careless rusher this is your match made in heaven.


Sitrep: I consider this useless, seeing equipment isn't useful to me. Especially when you can use Stalker to just delay detonation and let you past it in the first place. The pro allows you to hear footsteps louder, but you can still hear your own. So this means you have to sit still and listen. Could be good for SnD, but won't help you at all times. It also cancels Dead Silence.


Steady Aim: Another good SMG run 'n gun third tier perk. If you're big on spraying then you can spray accurately, imagine that. :O Only problem is some sprayers don't use the dot, and expect it to spray around the dot. The pro version will also allow you to raise your gun faster for cheetah instincts. Between Stalker and Steady Aim, it depends on your preference.


Dead Silence: This is good if you can't stand hearing your footsteps, but the pro version doesn't fit it. Taking no fall damage is ok, but there aren't many places in any map where you could die from falling, or even take serious damage. It could be good on a few classes, but isn't a great choice overall. It'd be good on SnD, but Sitrep pro cancels it and most people wouldn't listen for you without Sitrep, leaving you at a disadvantage.


I didn't do pointstreaks because most aren't very useful and they do as advertised. I may do a thread on them later, when they're fixed. Death Streaks also do as advertised, my explanation doesn't do it much justice.


I hope you enjoyed. As far as grammar and spelling I did a quick skim so there's probably still some errors.

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    Damn, I may have to add to this. You will have to give me some time though. Working on some scholarships for college. Can't go to college if I don't have any money! I will add some map sections for you though Porkins. It would be my honor. Good guide.

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    Nice job with this. A few things you might want to change/note. The model 1887 doesn't have any attatchments and you have extended mags listed for it. When using shotguns and the specialst package you should use Damage not Range. Specialist bonus gives you range but it doesn't give you damage. May not want to mention this but when running with the skorpion or USAS you get 1.8x the normal sprint distance. When using Extreme conditioning with one of those weapons it's 3.6x.

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      I use range insteaad of damage. I hate losing to SMGs with the Striker or Spaz-12 because 3 bursts didn't kill them because they were on my fringe. Put on Extended Mags and Range, and shotguns become **** machines.

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        Sorry about that error I acknowledged that for the iron sights, but I was rolling along the shotguns attachments since they're all about the same for me and I made that mistake.

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        I wasn't saying either Range or Damage is better. Simply that you do not get damage when using specialist but you do get range. So to get the maximum benefit from it you should start with damage on shotguns as you will get Range after 8 (7 HL) kills, but not the other way around as you don't get damage when you get all proficiencies.

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    Cool story bro

































    jk nice guide

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    Holy cookies. Very nice job with this porkins. I'm impressed. If anyone trolls this, I will have to eat a pencil sharpener. Keep up the good work.

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    A great guide, but something that concerns me...


    You mentioned your not really a sniper (and thus it reflects in your assessment in that category), so maybe this guide of sniper rifles and attachments that I just made might be a good addition.



    Typically the best way imo to assess a sniper rifle is to look at 3 things: type (semi-auto or bolt-action)which determines firing rate, total ammo count, and reload time with kick being a minor point. This is my personal assessment on the sniper rifles based on just how they fire: starting with the last unlockable working backwards.


    MSR: excellent bolt action that has a quick fire rate that beats the L118A by a small amount. I haven't used this in actual combat but it has a similar feel as the L118A in both kick and ammo count, but the reload is a bit smoother so you don't have to worry bout re-aiming when reloading.


    RSASS: almost no kick rapid fire sniper rifle with 40 rounds (2 sets of 20). Great for getting into a position covering a high traffic spot, specially when the opposing team sticks together as you could pick off 5 in a matter of seconds (that would be my guess, haven't usd it in combat yet.)


    AS50: a great alternative if ya don't love the feel of a bolt action, but don't love the feel of a semi-auto. predictable kick to the upper right makes for easy sniping aiming ( as you know for a fact that when ya shoot it'll kick in that direction) the one thing that makes this like a bolt action is the clip size: 5 x 4 which ( If ya can't do the math) gives ya 20 rounds. And like the MSR and RSASS its got a smooth reload. (Again, haven't used this one in combat)


    Dragunov: similar to the RSASS in terms of firing rate, but has a bit more kick to her and 10 rounds less, putting her total at 30 rounds (3 sets of 10). The fact you get this before the above makes for a good sniper rifle at the time you get it. (Once again, I have used it in combat)


    L118A: I've been biased by WaW so I personally love bolt actions, and this being the first one is a good start. now this one i've used in battle (the gun is at lvl 20...so i've used it a bit) It's got some kick but in the heat of battle it doesn't make much of a difference (this is pretty typical with all so that's why I said its a minor point prior). Since it is a bolt action, you only get so many shots (5 x 4 = 20 shots) and you don't have the firing rate of the semi-autos. However, she's got some mean power as it can get a kill with one shot aiming at any part of your target, but if you hit like a hand, it has a low chance of killing (like 1 outa 4 times it'll kill) that little bit might apply to the others, I'm not certain, haven't really tested that. So in short: this one's for the bolt-action enthusiasts as she's got that rhythm (i'll agree with that) and that she delivers when ya pull the trigger.


    Barrett .50 Cal: The first sniper rifle, and its a semi-auto with a major kick thats predictable (goes up and to the right) and its got 30 rounds (3 sets of 10) It's a good starter sniper rifle that does kill when ya hit your mark (upper torso or, of course, the head), but not something to stick with for long, specially once you get the Dragunov as it is similar but with less kick.


    Sniper attachments:


    ACOG - More of an assault scope as it reduces your zoom capability but gives you a view of the surroundings. Not made for true sniping.


    Silencer - a sniper's best friend for stealth as you can shoot almost all you want and you'll still be a hard target to find.


    Thermal - A different scope type that is ultimately similar to the regular scope just that it adds a slight grey tint to everything and will highlight both targets and friendlies in white (if they're not using the assassin perk). It helps identify targets not using said perk at long range and to see in the shadows and smoke. another attachment that is a sniper's best friend.


    Extended Mags - gives you alil more ammo, but imho not that useful. now if you have the 2 attachment proficiency and none of the other attachments, i'd use this with the silencer as you can remain stealthy and have a few more chances to get kills if you're in a position no one can find ya


    Heartbeat sensor - useful, but not that useful. It's a screen that goes on the gun that works similar to the UAV killstreak reward, except for the fact that it only shows positions (of both friendlies and enemies) area of your minimap (take the center of the minimap and go to the top half of it and that's the same area as the sensor's range), and will not show positions beyond that area in front of you. If targets have Assassin perk on, it will not show them. useful for determining if someone is in the immediate area when UAV is not active, but not useful for long range sniping. Would be more useful on short-medium range weapons that you would fire from the hip.


    Variable Zoom Scope - The same as the regular scope, just that it has the ability to zoom in further. This would be the 3rd attachment that would be a sniper's best friend as you could zoom in on finite details far away.

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    When snipers are just sitting and buildings and they kill you people go off saying freakin camper, oh i hate campers but thats what snipers are for.

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    Very well done, sir! We stil have to play a another game together soon!

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    porkins:d wrote:


    Dragunov: The classy always present Dragunov makes another return. This gun is seldom a one shot kill, but being semi auto makes the finishing bullet faster to get out. Unlike in Black Ops you won't get the occasional three shots to kill. I enjoy the upgrade and it's always good to see this gun in the game.

    Rating: 6.5 out of 10, better than L118A in my opinion.


    Riot Shield: This primary isn't exactly the best choice to make, but I can't say it's not fun to use. Deflecting bullets is so much fun and having on your back gives you some extra protection against creepers trying to sneak up on you from behind. It takes to hits to kill, but if you can manage to kill someone with your riot shield it makes you feel like a monster.

    Attachments: Use Melee proficiency.

    Rating: 5 out of 10, not practical for killing, but it is fun.


    This is what im talking about


    Dragunov is a russian version of the MK14. Anyone complaining is a noob at sniping properly

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    Awesome guide! but... you should just TRY skopions akimbo. Put steady aim on it and you have something beutiful. It has better range than a lot of ARs.

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    bravo bravo. I actually stopped reading after the gun synopsis but very well done from the parts I did read lol

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    Thanks everybody, I'm surprised no one has attempted to troll yet.

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      Well the rules of this forums is that only SPAM, DLC, ADVERTISEMENT and PLAY WITH ME thread are to be trolled.

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      I want to talk about the extended mags for the sniper rifles :


      I am self an almost only sniper player : level 31 msr level 28 barret and level 31 l118a



      The extended mags attachment is for me the only useful why?

      well the variable zoom isnt needed the maps arent big enough for it.

      The heartbeat sensor isnt that good its a small area and still akimbo's can pown you

      silencer is nice but i really like the hard sound of the guns.


      Thats it

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      I want to talk about the extended mags for the sniper rifles :


      I am self an almost only sniper player : level 31 msr level 28 barret and level 31 l118a



      The extended mags attachment is for me the only useful why?

      well the variable zoom isnt needed the maps arent big enough for it.

      The heartbeat sensor isnt that good its a small area and still akimbo's can pown you

      silencer is nice but i really like the hard sound of the guns.


      Thats it

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        Usually what I did was two attachments proficiency with ACOG and silencer because the silencer in this game has zero to very little damage drop off and it helps if you're trying to be completely stealthy. It's just my preference, like I said all the attachments can be useful in their own ways, and I'd say there's no real big attachment that has to be used to fully optimize the gun.





        Also a nice little bump never hurts. :D

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        Im a pretty much sole sniper as well and I agree with the ext mags, but occasionally ill throw on the variable or thermal for the smaller maps since they dont zoom in as far, makes it easier for drag scopes imo. I do feel that some of the proficiencies are a waste though. things like kick and focus are almost useless, especially on a bolt action. I feel they shouldve gotten more creative for proficiencies on snipers. Things like damage, nothing more frustrating than getting a hitmarker with a sniper. or maybe even something to make no-scopes more accurate as even with steady aim theres times where im 2 ft away from someone and my shot is way off and they just knife me.

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    Nice Thread . You almost got a cookie.

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    Sitrep pro does not cancel dead silence. I guess everyone that says this has never actually used good headphones and sitrep.

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    Very nicely done and very informative.

    I like that you at least tried a lot of the lesser known items enough to make an informative assesment; items that would never normally be used in regular game play, such as the lame GL's and the Trophy system (I've only seen this thing used once)

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      OK first of all good job on the guide Porkins, really nice!! Very constructive and very hanful, i've read it all and i do appreciated the info about everything, it made me thing about my arsenal to whip people cucoos now!! lol!  Thnx to this type of players who want to improve the mw3 with fellows players well that make's the game more enjoyable even more!!  ()))))))) Now what about some good places for sniper to hide, the maps are not very sniper friendly as i seen upper reply and it's true do!! ok!! so merci beaucoup les mecs et bonne journee good game!!   (QC) EL HITMAN YUL.... SEE YA IN THE MAPS!!

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    I feel like bumping this thread, so I will.






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    How long did it take to write this.