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Now this is just silly.

Noticed an increasing trend lately in Kill Confirmed .. Camping.


Now if you have bought the game and want to play that way then I have no complaints, you paid your money. Well I suppose I do have a complaint really .. why on earth pick a game mode like Kill Confirmed to do it in ??, surely if you want to camp for Killstreaks then there are better game modes to do it in such as FFA. TDM or Ground War. If you want to camp for KDR and killstreaks then fair enough but doing it in Kill Confirmed just ruins it for your team. Although lately I have been collecting my tags a LOT more thanks to this trend.


Yesterday in a match on Village .. guy on a one bar connection went 15-26 and had just over 3000 points. This guy was hoovering up any tag he saw, he was confirming and denying kills all over the place, didnt matter if he got killed or not he went for them and he finished top. Sent him a message saying thanks and he just said "Someone has to do it", THAT guy is an awesome team player. There was a guy below him who went 33-6 and had a hundred less points !! .. but I bet that guy was sitting there going "How awesome am I ??" without realising he got beat by a guy with less than half his kills. Then this morning a match on Dome, guys sitting in corners not even going for tags within easy reach, they were using them to pull in enemy players so they could repeat.


If you have to Camp please dont do it in Kill Confirmed because a) you look a douche and b) other people who dont have to have a big KDR are blinking sick of it.

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    Agreed, this is what I do with them... Flank around



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    Here is something that the CoD development team don't understand:

    The majority of CoD players don't care about winning, they care about kills.


    The dog tags was a good idea, but really, they can still get the kill even if they don't collect the tags. Kill confirmed should be that they have to collect the tag, if not, it doesn't count as a kill full stop, that means you can't advance your killstreak until you have collected your tag.


    Your tag is blue, that means that if you collect someone elses tag, it won't go towards a killstreak. Only blue tags can, the ones you kill. To other team mates, the tag will appear yellow, to the enemy, the tag will appear red.

    This is an easy solution.

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    I play on the 360 and the same still applies. People camping in kill confirmed not going for tags pisses me off but not nearly as much as people camping on drop zone nowhere near the drop zone.


    We all know it's people that feel the need to keep their KD up at the expense of actually helping their team so what I think should be done is have a kill confirmed gametype, but only give a person an amount of kills equal to the amount of tags collected. Say a camper goes 30-3 in kill confirmed but only picks up 3 tags then they only get credit for going 3-3 as far as their stats go. Doesnt have to be your own kills tags that you pick up just any tags and your team could still pick up your kills to get credit for the team. And give more points for picking up the tags or figure out some way to give more incentive for the objective rather than sitting back.


    Whatever happens they need to come up with an objective gamemode that requires you to run around to personally benefit, or have a ranked gamemode where KD isnt kept as with every game they cater more and more to the children that only care about bragging about their over 2 KD but never mention their 13% winning percentage.

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    yea man i agree, i made a thread about this before aswell, but i think it has gradually got worse over the past few weeks for example, me and my clan were playin on the village aswell and they all camped at the market side of the map the whole time 2 in the church watchin the doorway and the rest skartered about the place (same on fallen... everyone on enemy team camping at the back of map), now come on thats jus sad, why dont they go and play another game mode if they wanna camp as u said... its getting ridiculous and its not jus ppl that have just bought the game its every prestiger from 1st-10th

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    Well said. Just a quick note to all campers. Your K/d means nothing, but if I see someone with a high win/loss, I know I'm playing a good player. So dont camp.

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    camping is going to be in every game modes, KC, TDM, Dom etc, just the way people are at times...shame really


    but only giving a kill to someone if its confirmed can be slightly unfair, as you may pick of a sniper on say mission on the open side with the crazy gun that is the mp7, and for me to get that kill you want me to run to the other side of the map and get that tag.


    im not a camper, i confirm and deny as much as i can without blindly run across the map hoovering tags, because im sure i will get shot by someone...


    i honestly dont think there is going to be an innovative way implemented into these games to prevent/minimise camping

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      Yeah I see your point on the sniping. Not to say its camping to snipe because that's obviously an aspect of proper sniping. But I honestly just want a game mode where everyone is running around. I don't care about people camping in TDM because the objective is to have more kills than deaths. So let the campers stay in TDM or "defending flags" on dom or whatever it may be.


      But please just give me one game mode where everyone is running around and there is absolutely no benefit for someone to just sit in a corner and boost their KD. It would bring the fun back to the game that started to fade in MW2.

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    I can see your point, however a couple of points:1)  When the game is lagging so bad that I can't shoot anyone without having a few seconds on them it's hard to collect tags..2) same goes for running for tags and running into walls instead lol.. 3) There are some game modes that I just don't play well in and/or get frusterated with it so I don't play those modes...Idk all the hate at people who play smart and are called campers like they are evil...gosh when I run around I am a 'try hard', if I use the striker I am hated, on and on...WHATEVER play the way you like...if you like to 'camp' then do it, if it's dual FMGs have fun and if you piss people off gosh sorry...sometimes the camping is because of lag or you are getting a care package or whatever and so I am tired of all the name calling...the best solution is to mute everyone and then peace baby

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    Kill confirmed has actually been ruined, all the campers and **** heads came in from out of no-where. All I see now is 10 javelins coming into our spawns, noob tubes, quickscopers and corner campers. Its sad when 20 tags have been confirmed and its 3 minutes left.

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    It's the worst in KC and that is the one and only game mode I play.  I always have a good laugh at the kill whore loosers though.  I will go something like 25-15 and have over 3000 points, and they go like 30+ with maybe less than 10 deaths and still loose the match and are lower in points than me.


    I only play objective based game modes and always play the objective.  Thats why my k/d is practically 1.0 but my w/l is like 1.3 or something.  Not sure, I could care less about my stats.  I play to play and have fun.


    What do you get out of having a 3.0+ k/d ratio?  Nothing.  Maybe some pride in cyber space but in reality you get ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA, NATHANIEL, ZIPPITY BO BOP DIDLY SQUAT. 


    So stop kill whoring in my lobbies and get off your ass and play the objective.