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how can i kill oponents that havent appeared on my screen yet?

Run round a corner up some stairs to instantly die,watch the kill cam confused find out i was killed, before i even got even 2 steps up from the bottom.

killed by someone standing directly in front of me, but they didnt appear on my screen untill the moment i die .


or  rush through a tight area of the map , run passed an enemy turn back and fire at their back , to be killed with their back to me

then find out in the killcam they ran backwards as soon as they saw me and never passed  me


countless times now things like these have happened , im at least 1-2 seconds behind on 9 out of 10 games .


how is that even possible?


i dont have the greatest internet 18dn 0.8up  which is apparently good enough to get host a fair bit in australia (which i recently upgraded to from a 7dn .3up connection as i thought that was the problem to find out its much worse)


anyone else find they get killed by opponents that are not on your screen yet

but supposedly can kill you from directly infront of you because they can see you but you not them?


and now on 9 out of 10 games i cant kill anyone face to face but only get kills from flanking all the way around behind them


not claiming to be a awesome talent at gaming but can tell the difference of fair and not