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Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You


"You're a fvcking tryhard who uses a MK14"
"Only ******* hardscope"
"Nice modded controller. No one can shoot a pistol that fast you fvcking cheater"


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  • 1. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    "You suck at this this game you hardscoping noob, why don't you use a sniper rifle like your suppose too,"  From a screaching 12 yo after I went 30-3 sniping on mission.


    "Your cheating!!!! You are using a FING lag switch!!! You are glitching!!!! I am reporting you for cheating because nobody can do that well with a shot gun!!!!"  From an "adult" that thought he was 12 because I went like 30 something and 5 ish on Dome with a USAs.!

  • 2. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    Oh I almost forgot one from yesterday.  I got called a tryhard camper after getting the final kill cam running straight at the guy shooting him with an MP9.  You gotta love some of these people.


    HAHA but really if you want to get hate mail and people to cuss you out snipe the way you should.  Nothing gets under these kids skin more than actually sniping and not QS.  It is hilarious.

  • 3. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    Going 30-7 in dome. Running my arse off around the map. I couldn't have stayed in one spot for longer than 10 seconds


    You F**kin camper. You're sh*t bla bla bla. The fact that i'd killed this guy 14 times made it all the sweeter.

  • 4. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    Just last night I was called a no life on these forums by a person who had done the prestige token glitch. I caught him and he got very angry.


    I dont get to much hatemail in the game. Other than being called a hacker at rare times. I tend to avoid tactics the ppl get mad at. I hardly run assassin, only ran support a lil only to get a few titles and emblems. For the most part I dont wait for ppl when I know they are coming. Have only use final stand to get the emblem but not even close.

  • 5. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    I saw where you caught the token glitcher.  Good Job!!!  I guess these kids don't realise you can go on ELITE and look and see what they are doing.  And then they want to defend what they are doing like it's their right to be able to glitch and cheat.  Mind blowing.

  • 6. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    haha good man gotcha keep it up, i caught a splitscreener boosting in infected last nite, said nothing until i got out into lobby and told the whole lobby to report him and im still getting hate mail from him lol, Hate mail from scum like him jus makes me wanna catch more, as it gives me so much satisfaction

  • 7. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    "you hardscoping F***ker come out and snipe properly you F***king prick, hiding in one spot, coward"


    loved that message, so the next game I sniped again, he raged quit

  • 8. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    best thing you can do is save the replay to your online theatre, and pm ban_candy about it, he'll get you to add him on psn so he can reset them and give them a ban

  • 9. Re: Greatest Insult Ever Bestowed Upon You

    Being Welsh, the ''insult'' I get the most is most is ''f**k off you sheep shagger''. As I tell them, be more original, not like I haven't heard that one before. It is always a last resort as they have nothing left to call me. People get upset when they get beaten by someone with a pump action shotgun.

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