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Wii clan tryouts: Ka0ss~

Hey guys I have decided to start a clan up and i need some players willing to tryout.  THIS IS FOR WII PLAYERS ONLY


Here are the rules:

                               1) No hackers allowed. No matter what you think, most people do not like hackers (i have a grudge with them because my brother got                                                 hacked and now the profile glitch happened to us and i have his stats   )


                               2) Must be good at the game. please try to retain at least a .95 KDR ( thats what i had before the patch glitch)


                               3) Be willing to compete. I want to try to show that we are a good clan and perform well.


                               4) Sort of optional, but almost guarantees a place. Have at least a 20 kill streak under your belt and getting a MOAB is even better.


                               5) If you have a mic, that would be great.


                               6)* MORE INFO TO COME*



Post your name and ally code here and expect a request from UberMan (or if i put the clan tag, Ka0ss~UberMan)

     (I dont want to get overwhelmed with requests so i probably wont post mine, but check anyways)


I will send a text to all tryout members of when the tryouts will be.



Hoping to get a good turnout and get a good team together. Thanks!