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  • 40. Re: How can anyone stand Hard Core?

    I acquired my taste for HC back in CoD4.


    My biggest like HC is the fact that you need to communicate more and use your eyes, not the mini-map.


    #MoarHardcoreGamemodes, #Helmet.

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    Hc was awesome.....past tense.... With the addition of ricochete it has ruined the hc game mode. The fun of the game type is gone when a barrell u put a couple bullets in or a vehicle ...anda minute later it blows and im running and I look like I had a stroke in the game. Then it goes towards your k/d...thats crap. You have control of shooting teamates on purpose but we dont have control of teamates running into kill streaks or into our gun fire. Heck if a enemy  dies were  im throwing a nad, usually a teamate spawns there...bam im dead.  That stuff should not go against you in game, stop kill streaks. How many people die cause they see the enemy in front of them but a teamate is running and either hasnt seen him or isnt quick enough to get him so either I kill myself or the other team getz two kills cause I cant shoot at him, the maps are.so tight, its hard not to catch some friendly fire collateral.


    Another question why hasnt IW worked on the fact you get no name tags above players if you look thru a truck window, stair rails, fences and with richochete it makes it retared, plus the uniforms that arent much different.


    Why in the world would they not just kick you if you kill your team three times, like BO?



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    I enjoy both modes, they're just different.


    Core is daft in many ways, because you can pump 20 rounds through the head of a team-mate blocking your line of sight to kill an opponent, but your teamie is A-OK.

    Core is hunt-the-red-dots on the mini-map.


    As someone mentioned above, HC makes you look, think before you move or spray, be aware of angles and team-mates position etc. It certainly limits the run-n-gun (hooray). But some modes such as TDM are to avoid. They should give out tents and barbeques rather than weapons, the camping is so bad in TDM.

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    I play HC TDM. over 35k kills registered so far.  HC is a far superior mode of play for me.  I like hunting, patrolling high traffic areas, run n gun at times. Sure there are campers, but if you understand teamwork and the maps in general, they shouldnt be a problem for a veteran player.   Yeah, sometimes games don't make it to 7500 points, i would estimate my full games that reach 7500 points at about 85%  I like HC because i dont think your health should regen, I like HC because the weapons are more balanced for the most part.  I like HC because there is no constant mini map.  I like HC because its a couple bullets to kill an enemy usually (insert lag reaction here lol)

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    hardcore=FAIL noobtoob central! LAME!

  • 45. Re: How can anyone stand Hard Core?

    I cant stand it. Never been in a match that made it to 7500.

  • 46. Re: How can anyone stand Hard Core?

    Try some HC KC. I enjoy it.

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    In theory that would make people come ot of the weeds. But I despise KC. The idea that a soldier needs to run out of cover after firing his weapon to score points on someone he killed bothers me. I'll never like it.

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    I respect your choice.

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    I quite like both core and hardcore. Hardcore can seem alot more campy since it tends to be much more quieter then core. Then again it's always been like that in previous cods.


    Core really pissed me off though yesterday, on two matches (KC) all my teammates didn't move from corners at all and made absolutly no attempt to collect tags so I thought sod 'em, I collected most of 'em more points for me. Then I got a hate mail from one of them after the second match saying "why did you collect all my tags you ****, I was using them for bait."

    It really saddens me what the core comunity is like these days, what ever happened to the good old days of cod 4?


    I am yet to get any hate mail from playing hardcore and, in my opinion, the hardcore community is much better. Your more encouraged to go for the objectives I feel then in core.


    My two pennys.

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