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Machine Pistols vs Submachine Guns

I not wondering which is better (because an smg would win), but which is better to have, a mp or smg.  If you use an smg, your secondary can be an mp, but that would be redundant, so you would probably go with a launcher or handgun.  If you use a machine pistol (most likely akimbo'd), you can use an ar, shotgun, lmg or sniper as your primary.  The thing is, if you use a machine pistol, you'll have to use the akimbo attachment to make it as good as a smg, but you get a primary slot, but with an smg, you can use a variety of attachments but you use a primary weapon slot.  So which do you prefer?



Also, I know some of you may think this is like comparing apples to oranges, it's not.  Akimbo'd machine pistols and sub machine guns perform very similiarly, and the main difference is that one is primary and the other is secondary.  Some people may prefer an smg with a launcher/ handgun to back it up, and others may prefer an akimbo'd mp with a primary to back it up.