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Why don't they make it compulsory that you have to prestige in cod games?


Ok so why don't they make it compulsory that you have to prestige in call of duty games? I love prestiging so much so I got to 10 prestige in MW3 and reset my stats for the challenge to see could i do better than the first time. Now i know not everybody likes prestiging but its a big part of multiplayer it's a massive part of multiplayer so I don't see why the option is there not to prestige. You should hit 80 and then straight onto 1 next prestige. I don't see why 99 per cent of players should have to work hard to unlock guns,perks and equipment as they prestige every time when some noobs will just get to 80 and never prestige. Also nearly every guy i see not prestiged i check his play time and then message them. Today there was this Noob i can't stress how bad he was in free for all and all he would do is camp with his portable radar in one spot and go like 20-5 most games and I messaged him asking was he afraid to prestige and he replied didn't have the time but he was obviously good he said because look he was secound in free for all  . So he said he didn't have the time to prestige checked his time played was 12 DAYS 11 hours . His kd was 2.51 from camping every match with his portable radar silencer assasian pro silent footsteps and blind eye pro. When they don't make it compulsory to prestige they encourage this type of bad game wrecking players. I know prestiging annoys some people but it's a challenge and in my opinion makes you alot better player learning to adjust your game when you lose your pro perks and guns.It is not fair on some players when they prestige and a noob doesn't. I'd like to know what everyone elses opinion is. thanks