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I know iam probly the millonth person who posted about drop shoting the really need to patch the prone and the shooting function this is just rediclous i am see way too many ppl drop shoting. way too many people use tactic ( if thats what you want to call it ) as a means to keep there killstreak or KDR they can put out patches for  prestigeing but won't patch simple command functions.

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    I so far haven't come across many drop shotters, but the few that I do, do really tend to annoy me. I mean, I wouldn't mind it, as long as you could do it in real life, but to fall to the floor that quick with the same accuracy is a bit stupid.


    I can understand nealing down and shooting, but even then, your accuracy would sway a bit, but to lay flat on the floor, without using your hands would be diffucult without smashing your face, and yes maybe you could drop onto your elbows, but even then, your accuracy would go way off.


    Sorry for the long rant, but I think, something that isn't too realistic should not be in the game.

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    Last night I came across someone who tried drop shottin me only to get pawned by the riot shield. Me and him actually laugh when we got back into the lobby.

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    well if want to take away drop shooting, then you have to take away panic knifing. they balance eachother out if think about it

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    Have you only played 5 games?

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    I guess you mean by panic knifing you are referring to hitting the knife button as soon as you see somebody?


    I don't see what is wrong with that personally. If you take away that, their might aswell be no knife at all?


    Maybe I am wrong and their is a type of glitch or something to it, but I think a quick knife reaction is pretty normal.

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    I jump shot and drop shot.  Instead of complaining about it why not learn to do it.

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    Sooooo....what exactly is wrong with drop shotting? Because an enemy doesn't sit still while you shoot them they need to take it out of the game?  This is exactly what's wrong with the community. It's the whole "you don't play the way I want you to, so it's unfair" argument. Learn how to adapt.  If you know someone is dropshotting, aim for their center mass...that way when they drop, you get a head shot! Boom. Problem solved. Amazing.

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    Don't do it, cos don't need too, be dont mind other doing it at all, it's part of the game....them I am a far of the 3arc dolphin dive ;)

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    I'm complaining but if you use the default button layout you knife faster than the tac layout and crouch faster the other away round.

    most drop shooters use tac to give them this advanage however the lost the ability to knife fast. So if punish players for using tac and drop shooting to balance it you some sort of punishment for players who knife using default.

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