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So...are there any REWARDS for going past 10th?

I'm currently 9/73 so I'll most likely hit 10th Prestige for the first time by the end of the day, and I have to say I'm pretty pissed about 5 new Prestiges being added, as well as the likelihood of a total of 20 later on. I was so excited about being the max rank in MW3 before all my friends (something about it just feels so good) and then a week or so ago I saw the tweet about the new ones...and I mean think about all the players who already reset all their stats with a Prestige Token, I would never do that but they've been jipped big time.


But the point of this post is: Do you get ANYTHING for going through these 5 new Prestiges? Any new Titles/Emblems/Challenges/Prestige Tokens? Any info would be greatly appreciated.