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Tknife is "here to stay" in Infected. I hate you Bowling.



Lets summarize:


First, they let you get to these mad, hard to get to spots, while the Infected only had a knife and people were calling in MOABS all day, and we were crying out for a TKnife.


Then, they fixed it so that you can't get to these spots anymore, thus eliminating the need for a TKnife since the Infected will eventually get you now.


And then, they add in the TKnife, with the spots fixed, and there is literally nowhere to hide, which if Im not mistaken is the whole point on Infected, or what we oldies now as Mike Myers.


And the Recon UAV thing at the end when theres one guy left? Please, if 17 people can't find 1 guy in one of these maps they shouldn't be playing Infected. OK, your just going to say well get the Specialist Bonus, it's not about that, if your last alive you've achieved something, and some stupid blip on the radar should not give you away it's hard enough trying to hide when theres 14-16 enemies running around looking for you.


Anyone in agreement? TKnife needs to go!

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    I like it how it is. I've been in plenty of matches where we didn't need to resort to hiding spots to win. You just have to play smart. If people stick together it's an easy win. It's those stupid lone wolves who go off and get killed who ruin everything.

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    i keep trying to play infected with the tknives... and i got my first moab the other day on fallen with fmg9 against tknives... but i still can't get myself to like it now with throwing knives. it's come to the point where people don't try to do anything but use tknives. they come around a corner already aiming the throwing knife. five feet away... they still use the throwing knife. it's become such a garbage mode now only used by people trying to prop up their wins stat. because how else are you gonna go on a super awesome 200 game win streak without dashboarding?

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    Have to say, the T.Knife should stay... but the "hiding" spots should be opened back up (some of them anyways)

    T.Knife is handy for stopping Split Screeners esp on Bakaara (in the sniper building near "C")

    next to impossible to stop it otherwise..


    I think "last man standing" should get Specialist Bonus as soon as they are last man.. balance it out a bit.. if they want to hide.. fine.. if they want to fight give them a chance to at least play at the same speed as the 17 other infected players.

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    Tknife needs to stay! Whilst they may have took out some hiding spots, it's really hard for the first infected not to get killed over and over again (cue multiple host migrations and games lost because of this) because all it takes is a few people hanging out together watching each other's back in a hard to reach spot in the first place.

    As Justin said, the Tknife is essential in Bakaara for the boosters (and for that little booster I got in the garden by Lockdown A the other day )

    I think they should take out more hiding spots (gantry on dome/outpost, vans on seatown); anything that's high up or that you can climb on.

    and yes, they should have additional XP/bonus for the last survivor

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    This is the exact reason I have yet to play Infected, it attracts the youngest and biggest cry babies of the CoD Community. Seriously, stfu, there are thousands of other threads about this exact topic. Stop crying, if you don't like infected, then don't play it, Whiny *****....

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      You should play it. Its fun as hell. Its not that bad in the begining. Though if they could make it so after the infected had 12 ppl on the team no one had tknifes. Thats my only issue when 8 tknives come at you at once. But if its something that cant be done then tknives need to stay. Cut down on the dumb@sses boosting

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      Pretty harsh response there, what's the difference between people complaining about this game mode versus any other complaint thread that gets repeated over and over untold times? It really must bother you that you choose to open a thread you know is going to make you mad enough to resort to name calling and telling people to stfu. In all seriousness how many times in face to face conversations do you tell people to stfu and it not start confrontations? Why resort to that level here? If you don't want to hear it don't click on the thread and read it. So follow your own advice and if you don't like it, don't read it.

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        There is no difference, and I act the exact same way toward those threads. I come on the forums to talk about the game, maybe see some YouTube videos or learn about some trick I hadn't figured out on my own. Whiny b*tches like this moron seem to think their opinion matters, and their post is more important than the 45 other ones about the exact same topic that day, and it gets quite aggrivating. So yea, it bothers me, there is a search function for a reason. 


        I probably tell someone to stfu at least once a day, and its not trying to start a confrontation. If someone is annoying, I let them know how I feel. Some take me as being rude and abrasive, I just call it being honest.


        Not really sure why you feel the need to lecture me on being polite on the forum, but I clearly upset you by saying mean things to this guy. Notice how he didn't respond, most likely because he doesn't care and realizes its an internet forum and what I say doesn't matter. You should follow his lead and don't jump in to defend someone who doesn't care enough to defend themselves

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          It's not really a matter about defending someone, but more about the state of the community as a whole. Of course it gets annoying to see the same thing over and over instead of new and interesting opinions and discussions. Invitations to join a clan that is recruiting is a prime example when no one bothers to recruit under the proper forum. However, I see a lot of complaining and moaning about so many things and it seems that quite a few individuals feel that if they use profanity that is altered enough to get their point across or abuse the OP enough they will cease and desist their annoying behavior. This is a fallacy that promotes a exclusivity mentality on the forum. Everyone has the right to their opinion and to post on here and just because the community feels these types of threads have no place does not mean that we can resort to that kind of calling out. I was not lecturing you, but more pointing out that your words were a bit hypocritical. I cannot tell someone to do as I say and not as I do and still come across as serious or with any credibility.

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    GaggedByTheMann wrote:


    Anyone in agreement? TKnife needs to go!


    I would agree if IW had been smart enough to do as Treyarch did for gun game and closed off the areas where people can hole up and camp. Without a throwing knife, it's almost impossible to kill the people in BurgerTown in Arkaden, the house in Bakaara as well as a few other places.


    Infected is really only fun in my opinion when those who aren't infected are constantly moving like how people played zombies in Black Ops. It's because of those who hole up in a room as well as those who boost by blocking doorways that throwing knives had to be re-introduced.

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    Most of your argument was against the radar at the end. Lol. Not about the Tknife.


    In regards to the Tknife, try imagining Arkaden when EVERYONE and their dog is at the burgertown joint behind the counter. An infected would NEVER get ANYONE behind there without a throwing knife. That's just one example of why removing the Throwing knife is a dumb idea.


    As for removing the radar at the end, I agree with you there. I would like to have that removed, but at the same time, if you havn't earned specialist in that amount of time, perhaps you aren't worthy of being able to hide? Makes sense to have to earn your right to hide. All the pansies that hide the whole time don't deserve to remain hidden.


    That's my 2 cents

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    Here's the Infected playlist after many updates.


    1. Throwing Knives enabled - People complained.


    2. Throwing Knives disabled - People camped in monkey spots and couldn't die.


    3. Throwing Knives disabled in some maps - Monkey Spots removed.  Suvivors later "bunch up" together, and infected can't get near without a throwing knife.

    4. Throwing Knives re-enabled - Monkey Spots patched.  XP rebalanced.  People complained again.


    Why do people complain?  Because they're survivors.  They are too proud to die.  Also, dying results in less stats getting beefed, and reduced MOABs.


    But wait.  Some people think a zombie scenario is to kill as many as possible.  True, when you're killing AI controlled zombies.  But this gametype is full of players--both sides need to have fun, instead of one side dying infinitely with no results.




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    You don't need glitch spots to be hard to reach.

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    mate i completly agree with u bowling u **** up u troll